Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.14

Friday Link Love Black FridayHere we are again… Friday!

The last few weeks before the holidays always speed by in a blur of happy hours, parties, dinners and concerts. Last night was my son’s holiday band concert and he was beyond excited to show off his percussion skills! Yes, he’s an actual little drummer boy.  Little known fact about me — I took 12 years of piano lessons as a kid/teen and would love for my child(ren) to pick up a musical instrument. I was feeling nostalgic this week and looked into professionally transporting my childhood piano from my parent’s home in NY to our new home in Cleveland. It costs a small fortune. At this point, it’s a grudge match between practical Stella and sentimental Stella.

I’ll let you know who wins.

As for now, let’s indulge in a little Friday Link Love reading!

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Home Decor

Mid-Renovation Updates

renovation update stairs

Renovations are definitely a rollercoaster.

Your weekly emotional state can swing wildly depending on a number of factors (progress, project hiccups, finances, deadlines, etc.). It’s not uncommon to feel feelings of excitement, trepidation, frustration and joy simultaneously.

To be blunt: it’s one hell of a ride.

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Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For Your Friend Who Likes To Swear Like A Sailor!

Holiday Gift Guide 2017- Friend Who Swears Like A Sailor Header

(A word of warning: This holiday gift guide is for mature audiences only!)

We all have one.

Hell, we may even BE one?!

You know, your favorite gal who tells it like it is. No holds barred. Lays it all out there… with a few F-bombs thrown in for good measure. She likes her conversation kicked up a notch (or twenty) with some verbal heat. But, you know her best and behind that sassy and crassy exterior lies a big ball of sentimental mush, who will tear up and thank you profusely for thinking of her this season.

Just don’t f’ing piss her off…

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Pajama Party

Xhiliration Pajamas Bed Stock Photo

Even the best laid plans get foiled…

That’s my motto for this past week.

Remember, I had a cold… and then STREP THROAT? Oh, and remember that little overnight to GERVASI VINEYARD we had planned as a winter treat to ourselves?! Yeah, well… that didn’t quite happen. Influenza got in the way… HARD. Mr. THD and I, along with both our kids’ grandparents (the planned weekend babysitters) went down in quick succession starting Friday morning. Canceling that non-refundable trip was pretty tragic, as was how we felt for most of Friday + Saturday. It’s Monday, and I think I’m finally back with the living, enjoying my first cup of hot coffee since Friday.

So, it’s not ALL bad news.

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.13

Friday Link Love Isn’t modern medicine a glorious thing?

One visit to urgent care, a strep diagnosis and a prescription of antibiotics (all hail to the Z-PACK!) later, I finally feel like myself! Just in time, too… This evening, Mr. THD and I are headed for an overnight with friends to GERVASI VINEYARD for what’s hopefully a night of lots of wine drinking, good food and laughs… and wine drinking. Did I mention that? It will be a nice break away from all of the holiday and renovation craziness.

Now, let’s get our weekend off to a good start with this week’s Friday Link Love roundup!

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Odds & Ends

Things I’m Loving Lately

loving lately header

Happy Humpday, folks!

First off, I wanted to say thank you to those of you who submitted your official votes for THE GREAT COFFEE TABLE CHALLENGE! Based on the comments thus far, this is going to be an extremely tight race to the end. Don’t worry if you haven’t voted yet, as I’ll be leaving the official polls open until Sunday. Honestly, I could use all the help I can get, so take a moment and weigh in!

Aside from hearing from you all, here are a few other things I’ve been loving lately…

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Home Decor

The Great Coffee Table Challenge

Coffee Table Article Timpani

When it comes to renovation and home design, some decisions come very quickly — “Uhhh, YES please make my closet as large as possible with a bright window!“, while others can take a bit more time to process.

In the case of my family room coffee table, even 2 months after starting this home renovation project, I’m still in the “processing” phase.

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Sick Day

sick day makeup

Good morning from the House of Contagion.

Members of my immediate and extended family are dropping like flies and unfortunately I’m not immune. After a week of battling an annoying cold/laryngitis, I came down with a fever yesterday afternoon and am now patiently waiting to get in to see the doctor. Now, the kicker — my daughter woke up with the stomach bug that’s been going around, so she’s home sick, too.

Isn’t winter cold + flu season that absolute WORST!?

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 2.12

Friday Link Love OK, it’s confirmed.

Winter is here.

Maybe not technically, but between the Christmas/Holiday frenzy, the assorted coughs, colds and flus going around and the layer of ice on my car this morning, it’s pretty much a done deal. I’ve been batting an annoying head cold since Sunday. Today is the first day I finally have my voice back. Try reprimanding your children when you can barely croak out an audible word! The kids practically laughed in my face, and I don’t blame them. Hopefully, the worst of the bug will pass by the end of the weekend and I can start my new week fresh and post-nasal dripless.

Hope you guys are all staying healthy! Here are a few of my favorite Friday Link Love reads and shopping finds to kick off this chilly first day of December:

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