Easy Peasy.

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Many things in life require some effort in order to make them work for you — like my hair for example. Occasionally, you’ll stumble across something that’s just so effortless you don’t even recognize exactly how good it is.

At least not right away.

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5 Style Strategies To Look Your Best During The Holidays

holiday style strategies

It seems like every year when December rolls around, my social calendar goes from crickets and tumbleweeds to hyperdrive. The next 3-4 weeks is always a flurry of activity and dress codes, which is both fun and exhausting at the same time.

When it’s grey and cold outside and you know you’re going to be on the run for the next 12+ hours, it’s really hard to will yourself to put on anything restrictive or uncomfortable. For those days, we’ve talked about a SIGNATURE LOOK to help us out — something tried and true that you know will make you look and feel your best. But what about those times when you just need a little extra “zhuzsh” (not quite a technical term!) to amp up your look?

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Gift Guide

2016 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Kids


Honestly, I just don’t know how Santa does it!

Finding unique gifts for the kids (big and small) is probably the hardest part of holiday gifting. It starts off pretty straightforward when kids are young, but as they get older, our once sweet children become the most difficult parties to please! Ugh, and don’t get me started on those moody, temperamental, too-cool-for-school tweens — challenging, to put it mildly.

Good thing they’re cute.

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