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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.48

Friday Link LoveGood morning! Today’s link love comes to you from the home of the 2016 Republican National Convention!

Yes, the excitement continues in Cleveland, Ohio…

For what it’s worth, it’s been a pretty quiet week outside of the downtown RNC epicenter. Kudos to Cleveland organizers and law enforcement for making what could’ve been a stressful and dangerous time, safe and fun for all.

Hmmmm… “fun” might not necessarily be the best choice in words here.

Engaging?! Interesting?! Fascinating?! Whatever it is, it’s definitely one for the books!

Now, onto what I know you’ve been anxiously waiting for: this week’s best links and internet finds!


What I’m Reading:

•  In addition to all of the political discourse and controversy at this year’s RNC, there is also quite a lot of AWKWARD DANCING… because obviously.

•  If modern day politics don’t make you want to vomit a little, then this may: 15 FACTS ABOUT POOL WATER THAT ARE SLIGHTLY HORRIFYING.

•  Designer handbags are a fashion vice of mine… if you’re going to invest in an expensive handbag or accessory you’ll definitely going to want to learn HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR LUXURY LEATHER GOODS!

•  If I could renovate my master bath, it would look like THIS! #goals


What I’m Making:

•  Summer corn just might be one of my favorite ingredients this time of year. I am definitely going to be making this CORN, BACON + PARMESAN PASTA!

•  It seems like I turned around and bam! there are pregnant women everywhere. To keep those mamas-to-be happy and hydrated, why not treat them to these 10 MOCKTAIL RECIPES?


What I’m Buying:

•  While everyone is still going nuts about the #Nsale a.k.a. NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE (have you checked it out yet, by the way? If not, you can find some of my favorite picks at the bottom of THIS POST!) — I’m over here quietly shopping the REVOLVE SALE!

Free 2-3 day Priority Mail and free returns — what’s NOT to love!? I just bought this ROMPER (remember YESTERDAY’S POST?) and this T-SHIRT.

Some of the other items that I loved:

·  This wear anywhere, go with everything CHAMBRAY DRESS.
·  This BLOUSE would be fantastic for fall with a pair of FLARE JEANS and BOOTIES!
·  I think this bikini TOP and coordinating BOTTOM are so unique and cool!

Next week begins the annual THD summer travel-fest. First stop, NYC!

Have great weekend!

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Romper Room


I love turning real-life problems into stylish solutions.

I mean, these are not rock-the-universe, societal-altering issues we’re talking about here, but important quandaries to address, nonetheless!

Today’s fashion dilemma involves a piece that I’ve written about and styled numerous times over the years: the romper! (In case you’re new to these parts, you can catch yourself up HERE.)

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The One Thing No One Told Me About Aging

aging_hair_care_extensions_natural_headerAs a society and especially as women, we are pretty obsessed with aging.

From fat zapping lasers to botox, to insane vampire facials we’re pretty much willing to do anything to keep the age charade going. I’ll be the first to admit I miss my wrinkle-free skin, perky butt and pre-baby belly button… but the one thing I never thought I’d miss is my hair.

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Summer Beauty Favorites


In theory, summer beauty should be about effortless ease… at least that’s what all of the magazines are selling with their bronzed and glowing model spreads.

In reality, summer beauty probably takes about 1000x more work and effort than any other beauty routine during the calendar year. From hair removal to sweat prevention, frizz control to faux tans, real summer beauty is way more complicated than we as consumers have been fooled to think.

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol 1.47

Friday Link Love
This has been an interesting week.

Over the weekend, I got a notification from my web host letting me know that it’s my 3-year “blogiversary” — way longer than I ever expected this little blog to last! I’m thoroughly thankful, grateful and dare I say it — #blessed, that each one of you has allowed me into your digital home and has remained interested in what I have to say. I can’t thank you enough — it’s truly changed my life.  

Happy Blogiversary, THD!

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Shop The Sandal All The It Girls Are Wearing

suede-ankle-wrap-block-heel-sandal-gianvito-rossiThey say that you can learn a lot about a person by their shoes.

Perhaps, that’s why as women we have this thing with shoes?! Maybe, we’re just fulfilling our anthropological duties to study each other and learn more about our species – ha!

The more likely case: we simply admire a good pair of shoes.

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5 Items That Will Never Come Back In Style


Fashion is fickle — what’s in one day is officially out the next.

Rather than keep your closet in a perpetual state of busting-at-the-seams, here are 5 items that you can donate or toss with confidence. I assure you, these outdated fashion trends are never, ever (ever, ever!) coming back into style!

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Lariat Necklace


Statement necklaces move over, there’s a new jewelry sheriff in town — the lariat.

Once the temperature rises, the last thing we need is an accessory that weighs us down. The lariat necklace manages to be that statement making piece that’s just delicate enough for the hottest days of the year.

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Water Colors

water colors header

Do you find that you’re more drawn to certain types of colors during certain times during the year?

For example, I can’t get enough grey and blush during the coldest winter months. This summer, however, I’ve got a serious case of the blues. If we’re being technical, blues, greens, aquas and teals with a hint of sand — essentially, all of the gorgeous shades typically found in a WATERFRONT SCENE!

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