An Outfit That Will Never Go Out Of Style

white shirt cuffed denim suede heels

No matter how much I love my styled looks (and I love them A LOT), after a while most start to feel stale and I crave a refresh.

After some deep thought (over the last of the summer rosé), I realized that there was really one style that I can’t seem to get enough of. It’s been recreated in many iterations, across many seasons and for many occasions. In my opinion, its truly earned its sartorial street cred as a “classic.”

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20 under $20

back to school under 20

T-1 day until school starts!

I am pretty certain that I am 100x more excited for this day than any children I know. There will be bottles poppin’ over at THD headquarters as the school bus pulls away tomorrow. These bottles may be green juice, or iced coffee, but bottles nevertheless.

I save the hard stuff for AFTER noon.

(Joking guys… just joking! Kind of.)

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Bell Sleeve

bell sleeve

Isn’t it interesting how fashion evolves from season-to-season?

This past spring was full of LACE-UP styles which eventually evolved into summer’s OFF-THE-SHOULDER and ruffles. Now, with fall approaching, designers have taken this style to the next level and extended the lace-up, off-the-shoulder and ruffles to include the longer bell sleeve.

So, what has remained consistent?

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Odds & Ends

The One Thing I Do To Remedy Anxiety

easy anxiety remedy

Seems like anxiety is a fitting topic to wax poetic about on a Monday.

With school starting later this week and our normal schedule of lessons, practices, work and social commitments on overdrive, it’s no surprise that my anxiety is slowly rearing its ugly head.

The worst part?!

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.51

Friday Link Love

I’d like to dedicate this edition of Friday Link Love to all of the exhausted moms out there desperately struggling in the final summer stretch before their kids go back to school. I salute you.

This past week felt like the last 50 meters of the women’s Olympic 400m race. If the end of the race is the metaphoric equivalent of my kids’ first day of school, I’m fully prepared to finish-line-faceplant-dive a la SHAUNAE MILLER.

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The Next “It Bag”


Accessories seem to be taking a cue from fashion’s latest “it girls” and their new…ahem, ahem, piercings.

These are not the typical ear piercings we’re all familiar with. THESE piercings are a tad bit more risqué and a whole lot more painful! Ouch.

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