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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.57

Friday Link LoveGood morning and welcome Fall — with your humid, 82° forecast and all!

Is it just me, or did the week flash by in a fit of turbulence? It’s like time sped up but left us all behind shellshocked in a wake of chaos. The weekend couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I have grand closet purge/reorganization plans (does anyone else get really excited by eliminating clutter!?), as well as a Korean sheet mask facial that I’ve been meaning to try — you know, the “important” things in life.

Since we’re on the topic of important things, you should definitely add these links to your list — this week’s Friday Link Love round up is a can’t miss!

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Fall Style On A Budget


With all of the runway inspiration during Fashion Month, sometimes we need a good dose of reality to get our minds out of designer heaven and back to earth.

While those frocks you see on the runway can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars, it’s just fashion. Fashion is nothing without style — and you’ve got style.

Trust me, you do.

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Odds & Ends

5 Things To Quit

5 things to quit

When it comes to living a healthy, balanced life there are always people telling us what to do.

The barrage of new diets, workout plans, fashion, products and general things to do and try can get beyond overwhelming. Sometimes, it’s just all too much.

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3 Chic Color Combinations To Try NOW

Fall 2016 Pantone Color Combos

There may be a lot of changes that come with each season, but one thing we can reliably turn to when everything else seems to be in flux in good ‘ole, reliable PANTONE.

The color wizards are about six months ahead of the seasonal game and give us that much appreciated heads up with each release of their most anticipated, seasonal, TOP 10 COLOR MUST HAVES. One of my favorite styling tricks to keep a wardrobe fresh and repurpose old favorites, is to create new color combinations that are both flattering and unexpected.

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Odds & Ends

20 Questions, No. 3


Welcome back to the 3rd installment of 20 Questions!

This next batch of questions seems to be less business focused and more fun, fashion-y questions hopefully answered with, fun, fashion-y responses that you’ll love.

(Fashion-y?! Is that even a word?!)

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Moody Floral Midi Dress


I generally wouldn’t put any sort of floral into my style wheelhouse.

Most florals are too frilly, colorful and quite frankly, not me. However, over the years I’ve learned that when it comes to personal style, never say never. Tastes change, bodies change and most importantly, fashion changes… A LOT.

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