The Best Shoes To Wear With Skinny Jeans (That Are NOT Heels)

I’m a realist when it comes to everyday living.

(I guess that’s the Libra in me coming out.)

My practical side puts the kibosh on my more creative, fashionista side — especially when it comes to matters near and dear to my heart: shoes. In my heart, I adore the glitz, the glamour and the sexiness that comes with a great pair of heels, yet luckily my head takes over and quickly regains control.

Thank goodness.

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Swap This For That: The 2017 Edition

2017 Trend Updates Header

Fashion is always evolving.

With each season, each runway collection and each trend introduced there will inevitably something new that you just have to have… or so they say. Often times, it can be hard just to keep up. Just as you’ve grown comfortable with some “out-of-your-comfort-zone” style, it’s time to pack it up and move on.

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Tulum Mexico Travel Guide


For those of you lucky enough to be home from work today — thank you, Dr. Martin Luther King — grab your coffee mug and your throw blanket and get comfortable. For those of you in the office… well, I feel ya’, girl. Take a minute from your busy schedule and use this post as your brief escape from that ever pressing to-do list.

Today we’re talking about our 2017 escape plan.

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.71

Friday Link Love

Mayday, Mayday…. we’ve been hit!!!

After being spared from that nasty virus that’s been making the rounds since before the holidays, we’re now ankle deep in Clorox wipes here at Casa Heart’s Delight. My little one woke up this morning at 4:20am and it’s been a touch and go situation ever since. Actually, I’m trying to touch as little as possible! I’m currently writing this post at the foot of her bed (she didn’t want to be left alone), dousing myself with hand sanitizer. It’s going to be a LONG day.

Hopefully, your week is ending on a much more pleasant note — and perhaps this week’s Friday Link Love can help!

bath time carrara marble friday link love

What I’m Reading:

•  This behind the scenes look at The Bachelor breaks down exactly WHAT WOMEN SPEND TO COMPETE ON THE REALITY SHOW. Apparently, those lash extensions don’t come cheap!

•  Speaking of lashes, here’s how to ditch the falsies with these 4 EASY STEPS TO PERFECT LASHES!

•  I’ve started incorporating more yoga into my wellness routine (hail to the hot yoga!) and was pleased to read about the BENEFITS OF YOGA — well, besides the tighter tush!

•  I’ve been using the WEST ELM OVERSIZED CURTAIN RODS for years! They’re truly the best. Wanna know what’s better?! Finding the LOOK FOR LESS — like, more than 50% less!

la colombe draft mocha latte friday link love

What I’m Making:

•  It sounds so simple, but this SPICY RED LENTIL CURRY is truly delicious!

•  For my coconut loving friends out there — feast your eyes on this COCONUT POKE CAKE! I could literally sit down and eat the entire thing myself.

coffee gym wine cute workout clothes friday link love

What I’m Buying:

•  If you shop outlet destinations, LAST CALL BY NEIMAN MARCUS — one of my best tips is to focus on the DIRECT FROM STORE merchandise. This refers to the items that were actually in the full price department store vs. sourced by the retailer specifically for sale at the outlet. It’s in this section where you can find the ultimate of shopping steals!

·  Kind of like this CASHMERE DRAPED CARDIGAN — It’s only $53!!

·  Or how about this MICHAEL KORS CROCHET DRESS?! It was originally $1700+. Let’s just say, it’s “slightly” cheaper now and the perfect dress from a beach getaway! Don’t forget to throw in this ZIMMERMAN COVERUP and SWIMSUIT, too!

·  These VINCE CHELSEA BOOTS are probably one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever owned.

·  If you’re looking for something a bit taller, these VINCE OVER-THE-KNEE BOOTS are simply gorgeous.

·  If I could add one more bag to my 10 BEST BAGS OF 2017 list, it would definitely be THIS BACKPACK!

Have a great weekend — and send all of the healthy vibes my way! 

friday link love


Fishnet Stockings

fishnet stockings street style tights cute winter outfit

Don’t get your hopes up, folks.

This post is not quite as racy as the title sounds, although it’s definitely right up your alley. Last week, I realized that one of my most read posts OF. ALL. TIME. is THIS.

What can I say!?

Ladies and gentlemen, you clearly enjoy your hose, tights and stockings!

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Cold Weather Style

cold weather style header Brooklyn Blonde Helena street style fashion winter 2017

I came across this image of Helena from BROOKLYN BLONDE yesterday and had a bit of an epiphany.

While I was lamenting the ankle deep slush and ice, I realized that we’ve spent a lot of time together talking about how to use outerwear layers to keep us warm — remember THIS post?

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The 10 Best Handbags of 2017 (For Every Budget!)

10 best handbags 2017 header1

I think any woman can be definitively placed into one of three categories — a handbag girl, a shoe girl or a jewelry girl.

(Which one are YOU?)

I’m most definitely a handbag girl, with shoes coming in a very close second place. Jewelry… eh. Take it or leave it… although if you’re handing it out, I’ll definitely take it.

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