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Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.89

Friday Link LoveHow are you doin’ over there? Still with me this morning?

My Friday has not quite started off on the right foot, so I’m resetting and attempting a do-over. To make a long story short, I was trying to help the kids get ready for school and absolutely no one was listening to me. Pretty infuriating, I know. I was “this close” to throwing out the classic parenting line — “Do you know how much I do for you!?” and instead decided to walk away from the situation.

Eventually, everyone got their sh*t together, but it left me with a bad taste — if you know what I mean. Rather than stew in my frustration, I am making the decision to stop overanalyzing (What could I have done differently? Am I a bad parent? Why don’t my kids respect me?!) and let it go. In the grand scheme of parenting, I’m usually a moderately decent parent (like, 80% of the time) and they’re usually really good kids… and in this case, it’s OK to be good enough.

Good thing I have a 3-day weekend and this week’s Friday Link Love to quickly distract me from all of this mayhem!

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A Full-Proof Summer Outfit


Now that all of our outdoor activities are finally in full swing, our calendar just got way more social.

It’s due time to ditch those comfy couch pants and head outside to mingle, mix and in my case, vent to fellow school-age moms. Anyone else failing the parenting game by totally mentally checking out at the end of the school year?!

Unintentional of course, yet still a fact.

Sorry, kids — you’re on your own. Mom’s got things to do and places to go.

Rather than waste a minute of our precious time figuring out what to wear, how about I give you an easy 5 piece solution to any spring/summer style dilemma that may arise?! Here’s a stylist-approved cheat sheet for a full-proof summer outfit, so that you could be spending more time have fun (and drinking THIS!) and less time staring sadly at your closet.

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Here’s How To Wear Your Favorite Silk Blouse This Season


For years, you’ve heard me signing the praises of the classic white silk blouse.

You totally might have ignored me — no worries, we’re still cool — or you might have taken my advice and gone out and purchased a white silk blouse to add to your collection. Regardless, I wanted to put together a fun post to show you exactly why I love this piece so much and give you a few new ideas on how to style yours.

Who are we kidding!?

This is my last ditch effort to convert you white silk blouse holdouts! I don’t give up easily.

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.88

Friday Link LoveI’m heading sprinting into this Friday, Usain Bolt style. Hooray for the weekend!

I keep reminding myself that I have 2 more weeks. Only 2 more weeks to plow through until my kids wrap up the school year, my client appointments start to ease up and the last of my event styling wraps up for the season. Usually, when I have this much going on I toss and turn at night and can’t seem to settle my mind enough to get any sleep. This time, my body and brain are so physically exhausted I literally collapse into bed at the end of the day and don’t wake up (or even roll over!) until my alarm goes off in the morning. 

By the way, you need to set all of your alarms to the iPhone “chimes” setting. It’s the softest, most non-jarring alarm sound that I’ve found. I consider this a small life victory.

Now that we got that all out of the way, let’s get down to important business — Friday Link Love! 

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What I Want: Summer Edition

what I want

Yesterday, I spent a good chunk of time perusing the web trying to find the much-needed inspiration to help me with today’s post.

Hey, a girls gotta do, what a girls gotta do.

While a lightning bolt of creative energy didn’t quite happen, I did stumble across a long shopping list of random things that gave me that little “zap” — similar to annoying static electricity, if we’re being honest.

With summer right around the corner, I realized that I was totally unprepared to tackle the season. Or at least that’s what I told myself, as I was jamming my online shopping carts full of clothes and accessories. Naturally, the next step was to put together a collection of “What I Want: Summer Edition” — a mishmash of all of my seasonal favorites. However, I need to warn you to tread lightly, because some of what I want, will become what you want too!

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Graduation Day Style

graduation day style header

Can you believe that the school year is coming to an end already!?

Thank goodness because with all of the end-of-year activities, it’s been challenging to keep it all straight! I think by the time June rolls around, most parents need that summer break more than their kids. They probably need a shot of vodka, too — at least I do. As for all of you hardworking teachers out there, you might need the full bottle.

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chanelle parisian demi bra header

When I launched this business, I wanted to create a place where I could go to share all of my favorite things and experiences.

There are some folks out there who find something good and like to keep it to themselves. That’s cool. I get it. However, by nature, I am a sharer. I love finding something special — whether it’s a great sale, a beauty product, a chic hotel, or yes, even a bra — and running out and telling everyone about it!

So here I am and here’s my latest and greatest find that I am literally wearing 24/7 —  with a wash (or two) in between.

Yes, it’s a bra… but not just any bra.

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Link Love

Friday Link Love, Vol. 1.87

Friday Link LoveIs it just me or did this week zoom by at hyper-speed?!

I blinked and here we are at Friday. Don’cha just love when that happens?

Now, hopefully time will come to a screeching halt so I can actually relax and enjoy the weekend. If things go according to plan we may just be able to set up our patio and perhaps finally get our little vegetable garden underway. For the past 4 years, we’ve grown assorted fruits, vegetables and herbs in a tiny corner of our backyard. We’ve battled late-May frost, hungry deer, rabbits and even a hedgehog — at least I think that’s what it was!? At this point, we’re hardened gardeners — ain’t nobody fcking with my snap peas, btch! All of the effort is definitely worth it when the “harvest” finally comes in. Really, is there anything better than a homegrown, heirloom tomato?! Yum.

Well, now that I’m totally hungry and craving a tomato caprese salad, let’s get to this week’s Friday Link Love picks!

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