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1)  Grace Atwood has the uncanny ability to take what looks like a complicated project and turn it into a DIY that any novice jewelry maker can master. Take for example, this rough-cut crystal cuff. (stripesandsequins.com)

2)  How fabulous is this wall clock that I discovered on Etsy!? I can picture it in my kitchen, my office, my kids’ rooms… (etsy.com)

3)  Learn all about this VIP member of Tiger Wood’s fan club- Lindsey Vonn. (vogue.com)

4)  My mind is officially blown.  Apparently, I’ve been doing it all wrong for the past 20+ years.  Get ready to learn the proper way to use…(wait for it, wait for it)…  THE BOBBY PIN! (thesmallthingsblog.com)

5)  Here is the top to my new Fall-season uniform.  Baseball tees are not just for the ball field anymore. (express.com)

6)  If you are anything like me, you will cut, copy, paste and memorize this makeup tutorial on how to take your look from tired to bright eyed in minutes. (cupcakesandcashmere.com)

7) Shop-a-holic looking to cleanse yourself of your retail sins!?  Well, have no fear- Pope Francis now accepts confessions via Twitter. (mashable.com)

Have a great weekend!



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