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1) The “opt-out vs. lean-in” debate continues.  Seriously, being a successful, well-rounded woman in today’s society is TOUGH! (

2) This story gives new meaning to the title, “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Wow. (

3) There is no easier way to update a dining room than with fun new chairs.  Especially when they are all under $100 each.  Thank you Domaine. (

4) I was always a fan of Lucky Magazine, but I can’t help but love it even more now that Eva Chen is captaining the ship.  I have a serious girl crush… so does the NY Times. (

5) Nothing is more flattering on a face than a healthy glow.  Unfortunately, at times, this glow needs a little assistance.  Blush to the rescue.  Find out which colors work for you! (

6) Every town needs a great dive bar.  San Francisco is no exception.  Read all about Tosca Cafe, and its colorful (and beyond famous) patrons over the past 30+ years. (

7) To spin or not to spin… that is the question!  Before you decide, read this. (

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