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Decorating with Throw Pillows

One of my favorite ways to give a room some character, texture and interest is using simple throw pillows.   Looking to change a room’s ambiance? Throw pillows.  Love a home design trend ( i.e. chevron, metallics, etc) but afraid to commit?  Throw pillows.  Want to disguise an existing piece of furniture you’re not in love with? Throw pillows.  I can think of hundreds of reasons why throw pillows should be in your life (and home).  But don’t take my word for it- check out these beauties below!

Throw Pillows

1) Caitlin Wilson pink maize pillow + 2) Caitlin Wilson gold throw pillow

3) Mongolian lamb faux fur throw pillow + 4) Jack Wills Union Jack cushion cover

5) Surya safari pillow + 6) Osborne & Little Maharani throw pillow

7) Etsy chevron zippered pillow cover  + 8) Alexandra Ferguson throw pillow

9) Etsy floral zippered pillow cover + 10) Thomas Paul leopard throw pillow

For additional throw pillow inspiration, check out Chassity’s picks over at Look, Linger, Love!  You won’t be disappointed.



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