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Get In Bed- White Linens

get-in-bed retouched

Let me divulge the current state of life over here: husband working crazy hours, one child in the throes of terrible-twos (with a cold to boot), second child in the throes of aforementioned cold with a hacking-cough icing on top.  Oh, and he’s home sick from school… AND it’s pouring and gross outside.  The 4 hours of sleep I got last night doesn’t help the situation either.  Hope your day is going better than mine!

Every free second I get, I can’t help but picture my bed in all of it’s pristine white glory (please reference photo above- and cue angels singing).  I don’t know what it is about white linens, but for whatever reason they give me a sense of peace, calm and sterility (which as you can imagine, is a bonus these days!)  No matter what color scheme my bedroom happens to be at the time, the white bedding just seems to tie all of the colors and textures together and create this wonderful visual balance.

Take a look at some great white bedding inspiration:

Highpoint Langley Residence contemporary-bedroom
Bedroom traditional-bedroom
Maryanna contemporary-bedroom
Modern Magic contemporary-bedroom

Domicile id contemporary-bedroom

Feeling sleepy yet?



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