Pucker Up!

Pucker Up!

As long as I have been wearing makeup, I’ve generally shied away from bright color on my lips.  For whatever reason, I felt more comfortable focusing on my eyes and keeping the lips understated and neutral.  Well, call me a convert, but lately I’ve been all about the lips!  The brighter and bolder, the better.  The eyes stay groomed and fresh (concealer, a few sweeps of mascara and the occasional thin line of liquid liner), and the lips get all of the love.

With all of the new fabulous colors and formulas on the market, playing around with lip color is the easiest way to drastically change your look and try out the seasonal color trends.  After some trial and error on my part, I think I’ve found the best all-around product for my pout- NARS Satin Lip Pencil.  It’s like the best of a liner and creamy lipstick in one.  It glides on super smooth like a lipstick, but gives you the definition and control of a liner.  Best of all, it outlasts even a night out with dinner and drinks and keeps your lips super moisturized the whole way through.  Pretty awesome, right?

Currently, my favorite shade is called “Luxembourg.”  It’s a cool-based red hue that makes even the most basic of outfits look like something just a little more special.  As a bonus, it makes my teeth look whiter too!

Nars Satin Lip Pencil

So go on, pucker up and give your lips the attention they deserve!



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