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1)  Before the over-saturation of gossip bloggers on the internet, there was Rush & Malloy.  These old-guard newspaper gossip columnists and husband and wife duo divulge some of their best kept secrets.  (

2)  Here’s an easy weekend DIY project that requires only 3 components, 10 minutes and little to no artistic talent.  Click right this way for craft perfection in the form of raw crystal wine stoppers.  (

3)  There is nothing better than walking out of a salon with freshly styled hair.  Unfortunately, most of us don’t have this service accounted for in our budgets, or in our bursting-at-the-seams schedules.  Learn how to recreate the professional blow out at home from the blow-out experts at Drybar.  (

4)  If you are looking for a more contemporary alternative to the traditional family portrait for over the mantle, why not give a DNA portrait a shot?  You really can’t get more unique or personal than DNA- not to mention, swabbing ones cheek is infinitely easier than getting your kids to look at the camera and smile!  (

5)  You had to know this was coming… Read this article to find out if your hand sanitizer could be doing more harm than good.  (

6)  Take-out fake out can’t get easier or more delicious than this Thai Beef with Basil.  (

7)  With the holidays rapidly approaching, score these adorable and practical wine totes for a hostess gift they’ll truly love.  (

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