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Since I started polishing my fingers and toes (yes, a LONG time ago!), I’ve been on a quest for the mani/pedi holy grail- polish that lasts for a week without major dulling, fading, chipping or damage to the underlying nail.  While the new gel polish craze is a great alternative for some, I find the damage to my nails and the time consuming removal process reason enough to try to avoid it outside of special events and/or before a vacation.

While I was checking out at my salon post-haircut, I noticed some new CND bottles lining the shelves.  I looked at the CND VINYLUX information and figured that a potential week+ of pristine polish combined with the claim that it dries to a hard finish with no UV light required, was reason enough for me to make the $20 splurge and buy a polish color and top-coat.  I got home and secured a total of 20 minutes of child-free uninterrupted time to give it a go.  Overall, I was not disappointed!

Here is the breakdown:


The great news about this product is that it does not require any base coat and limited prep work (my kind of mani!!!).  Apparently, the formula adheres best to a clean dry nail.  That being said, if you suffer from ridged or peeling nails (or any sort of small imperfection) you will not have the luxury of a base coat to smooth out your surface which could result from a less than perfect color application.


The color (I used 160 Night Glimmer- a metallic brown/gunmetal hybrid) went on super smooth, if not a little thin/sheer.  With a quick second coat, I had perfectly opaque tips and was ready to move on to the top coat.  The top coat also went on with a quick and smooth application and as a bonus, was probably the quickest drying top coat product I have found to date.  We’re talking “dig-your-hand-in-your purse-to-get-your-keys” dry after less than 10 minutes.


As the product promised, my nails dried to a rock hard finish.  Apparently, the surface only gets harder and more durable the longer you keep the polish on (and provide exposure to natural light).  After 5 days of cleaning, cooking, scrubbing and typing I am pleased to report that there were no noticeable chips.  If anything, just a little wear around the edges of my nail.  When I went to my nail salon to get a proper manicure, the nail technician literally had to scrub the VINYLUX polish off my tips using an acetone based remover.  It required some elbow grease, but nothing compared to the soak, strip and file-down gel nails get.


While not perfect, CND VINYLUX is definitely a product I will have on hand for the times where I’m in need of a manicure, but can’t get to a nail salon.   Although definitely lacking that high gloss luster or perfect finish that gel gets raves for, the upsides to this product far outweigh any negatives I may have exposed.


I’m curious, do you guys have any at-home nail products that you swear by!? If so, please share!



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