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1)  It’s crazy the lengths that women have gone through over the years, all in the name of beauty.  And you thought that eyelash curler contraption was bad!  Read about some of the most dangerous beauty treatments through the ages. (

2)  After living in NYC apartments for most of my 20’s, I know that space is definitely a luxury to be cherished.  If you’re struggling in your small space, here are 34 genius tips for an instant home upgrade.  Oh, and yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to utilize your never-used oven for additional shoe storage! (

3)  Now, why didn’t I think of that?!  Numbing foot spray is going to be hitting the market in a few short weeks.  Stiletto lovers rejoice…and break out your shoe stash from the oven! More importantly, this should definitely be added to the aforementioned list of dangerous beauty treatments (see link #1). (

4)  Stressed out about that holiday party your hosting next week?  Don’t worry, two of the world’s most respected style gurus are here to pass along their tips and tricks for throwing the BEST HOLIDAY PARTY EVER! (

5)  Recently, we tackled the Old Fashioned here at The Heart’s Delight… Now, try out this spin on the classic:  The Winter Fruit Whiskey Smash! (

6)  In a matter of days, the store registers will be ringing with returns.  Here’s how to best log your complaints and get what you want from retailers post holiday.  Unfortunately, you’ll still be stuck with that unfortunate sweater Great Aunt Mildred made you.  You can’t win them all.  (

7)  So, this past week, THIS happened.  Learn more about The Heart’s Delight, my style inspirations, my fashion icons and my best everyday style tips! (

Wow, it’s been a crazy and exciting week!  I’m looking forward to a little calm before the Christmas/New Year storm sets in to get myself organized, relaxed and ready to go.  Great things await, and I’m ready to end 2013 on a high note.  Hopefully, you’ll be joining me for the ride.



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