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Why, hello there!

Hope everyone enjoyed their post holiday weekend of leisure.  After all of the chaos leading up to Christmas, it’s definitely a nice change of pace to lay around the house, not wear makeup, do little cooking and just relax.  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and to be honest, I’m ready to get back into regularly scheduled programming.  Starting with the blog, of course!

As promised, we’re continuing the ‘New Year, New You’ series and today’s focus is going to be fitness.  Ha, ha… don’t worry, I’m not going to make you drop and give me twenty!  For the majority of my adult life I have HATED exercise.  I would do it out of necessity (sometimes) and it would take some major motivation.  I always envied those people who claimed that they LOVED to work out, they needed a good sweat and they couldn’t imagine a week without some form of exercise.  Ladies and gents, I have discovered their secret!!!  It comes in 3 steps:

1) Find an activity you truly enjoy.

2) Stick with it at least 3 consecutive weeks- that’s how long they say it takes to turn an action into a “habit.”

3) Buy cute workout gear to keep you motivated.

For me, the activity is spinning.  It’s the quickest one hour of my day set to the best soundtrack.  The class setting, great instructors and the awesome music make getting up at 5 am 2-3 times a week bearable (THANK YOU Jen & Scott!).  I show up, zone out and take an hour out of my day just for me.  Sixty minutes and a few buckets of sweat later, I feel energized and ready to tackle the day ahead.  If you feel self-conscious, or uneasy that you won’t be able to keep up- DON’T.  At one point, everyone tries something for the first time.  You’re not alone.  Here are my spinning studio recommendations for those in the Cleveland, NYC and Long Beach, NY areas (#havespinshoeswilltravel):

Cleveland, OH:

Psycle – (

Their tagline “Rock. Ride. Love.” could not be more true! At Psycle, the workout begins from the inside out in a unique environment fueled by the energy of its riders.  Once the lights are out, and the music is on, you don’t spin, you ride.

Harness Cycle – (

A new 2013 addition to the growing Hingetown neighborhood of Ohio City, Harness aims to give every class a full-body workout through “sweat, strength, reflection and recovery.”  Now, who couldn’t use some of that!?

New York/Los Angeles:

SoulCycle – (

We must pay respect to where it’s due… the original business behind the indoor cycling phenomenon: SoulCycle.  Now, with locations throughout the NY tri-state area, as well as southern California (with Boston & D.C. to be added shortly!), SoulCycle revolutionized the spin class workout allowing its customers to change their bodies to the beat of the music. “Take your journey.  Find your body.  Find your soul.”

Long Beach, NY:

Ocean Ride Cycling – (

This past summer, I discovered this newly opened studio that’s light, bright, and energizing even before you step foot on a bike.  The Ocean Ride community is one with passion- just like Long Beach (see my love letter to Long Beach HERE), and they will inspire you to change your body, one class at a time.

Now that we’ve tackled the hard part (steps #1&2), let’s move on to step #3- fun workout gear!  For spinning, I’m a big advocate of wearing slim fitting workout wear.  Aside from wicking moisture away from your body, the body conscious styles lend themselves better to the motion and positions required during the actual spin class.  Take a look at some of my top finds:

Spin Cycle

1) Lululemon Skinny Will Pant – YES, the CEO said some pretty dumb things this year, but these pants are still my A#1 favorites!

2) SoulCycle sweatshirts – Although initially, you may not feel like a pro, at least you can look like one.

3) Stella McCartney for Adidas workout bag – The perfect size to carry your spin shoes and workout essentials.

4) Lululemon Run Dash Crop – You definitely need some cute stripes to mix up your workout gear!

5) Adidas ‘Too Perfect’ rib tank – The perfect length to cover your bum as you’re climbing that steep hill.

6) Puma ‘Zandy’ ballet flat – A great go-with-everything shoe to quickly slip on/off before and after class.

7) NIKE ‘Rally’ sweatshirt – It’s crucial to layer these cold winter mornings!

8) Lululemon Run Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve – See #7 for previous comments re: layering.

9) Lululemon ‘Bang Buster’ hair accessory – The only headband I’ve found that doesn’t slip off mid-workout. ‘Nuff said.

10) Athleta space dye striped tank – Great colors with a reflective quality that comes in handy if you ever decide to take your ride outside!

Let’s ride into 2014!



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