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Weekend Whirlwind

After a weekend whirlwind, it’s back to business.  If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ve already seen a few snippets of the NY fun.  While a quick trip, I still feel like I’m paying the price.  I think I could have fallen asleep standing up last night!  Our two and a half days were filled with good food, good fun, family and friends.  While a blast, it’s still a nice feeling to be home.


:: Green juice/smoothie obsession ::
I’ve totally been on a green kick lately and have been thinking about doing a 3 day juice cleanse. Pressed Juice and Blueprint Cleanse are the two I’ve been reading up about. Does anyone have any experience or opinion on the topic? Is one better than the other? Would love to hear all about your “cleansing” experiences.


:: A view from above ::
No matter how many times I fly in and out of New York, I am always in awe of how beautiful it is from the air. When you’re stuck in between massive towers and buildings, surrounded by millions of people, lights and cars, it’s sometimes hard to see the bigger picture.


:: Birthday Bonanza ::
As long as I can remember, birthdays have always been a very big deal in my family. This time, my mom was the one being feted. I was so pleased (and comfortable) with my outfit that night. It was a mix of old and new and the combo was a fresh way to update and dress-down an older cocktail dress.


:: Shining ::
A small group of us continued the party into the wee hours… This was the last stop of the night- The Shines.  A 100+ year old bar in my hometown, Long Beach. Small, cozy and welcoming. It didn’t hurt that the older gentleman at the end of the bar kept calling me “Miss America!”

So that’s it!  Today will be a game of intense catchup:  cleaning, grocery shopping, blogging and some cuddles with the kids.  Whether you guys are home today enjoying the MLK holiday or working, I hope you have a great day!



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