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1)  Do you guys watch ‘The Biggest Loser?’  Even if you don’t, you may have already gotten an earful about the controversy surrounding the winning contestant’s major weight loss.  Too fat or too thin, sometimes I think you just can’t win! (

2) Is it just me, or are Olympic team uniforms more and more outlandish every year?  Take a peek at the hottest new styles hitting the streets (and athletic events) at Sochi!  Go TEAM USA! (

3) This may be the answer to all of your blank wall problems.  All you need is a smartphone, an app called Waterlogue , and a dream.  Oh, and maybe a few good photo images!  (

4) I recently discussed my love of Leandra Medine and her “Manrepeller” website/business- see my ode to Leandra, HERE.  Well, no doubt about it, after her recent office makeover there is no repelling going on there!  It’s pretty awesome. (

5) My favorite kind of prints and patterns are those which seem to transform as you view them from a distance vs. up close.  At first glance this “Synchronized Swimmer” fabric appears to be a graphic repeating pattern, but the closer you get the more you can admire those quirky lady swimmers in all of their glory!  Throwpillows, anyone? (

6) I just took a peek at the kitchen makeover of blogger/author Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere– HELLO DREAM KITCHEN! If you have dismissed brass fixtures and hardware as outdated and garish, PLEASE take a gander at the warmth and modern aesthetic they bring to THIS design.  I’m 100% on Team Brass.  (

7) As you know, Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching and there are 15 very cute preschoolers in my daughter’s class that could use some cookies to mark the occasion.  Seriously, who COULDN’T use some cookies?  Especially these festive Strawberries & Cream Cookie treats! (

We’re finally plowed out of our winter storm hibernation, so I’m excited to get out and about this weekend.  A blogger brunch, a much needed haircut, date night and a spin class await!  Good times.

Let’s catch up on Monday, OK?  Have a great weekend!



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