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1.  Ok, so there is a new reality show that is going to be hitting prime time TV shortly.  Aptly called, “Sex Box,” it’s well, about people having sex.  In a box.  Seriously.  Get all the details, HERE. (

2.  I am not going to sugar coat this one… I despise the Kardashians.  Like, totally loathe their vapid existence… so it was no surprise to me when I saw this gem about Kim, Soul Cycle and a FULL FACE OF MAKEUP.  Who does that!?  Apparently, a Kardashian. (

3.  Your abode in need of a little Spring “pick me up?”  Check out this slideshow of the Best 25 Discounted Homegoods to Update Your Pad. (

4.  The indoor mall may be dying a slow and painful death thanks to e-commerce.  Now, where will all the teeny-boppers go for their Friday night fun!?  Read THIS to learn about the evolution and extinction of this piece of “Americana” and what the future holds for the malls of the US. (

5.  I’m always excited to learn about a new female entrepreneurial success story (#girlpower!).  This “Ladies Who Launch” feature focuses on the brilliant minds behind the monthly beauty product subscription service, Birchbox.  Step aside, gentlemen and take  notes! (

6.  Out of all breakfast-type baked goods, scones can be very polarizing.  There are those (ME!!!) who love their tender, flaky texture and not-too-sweet flavor, while there is another camp who complain of their dryness.  To those people I say, you have been eating the WRONG scones.  Try THESE instead! Strawberry perfection.  (

7.  Did you ever see a dress that you could just picture wearing everywhere?  To the store with flats, to the beach as a cover-up, out to dinner with a little jacket and heels.  Well, if not, here ya’ go.  The most versatile, comfortable and affordable dress of your dreams.  (

This is the first weekend in a while with few plans and no pressing agendas.  Basically, a god-send.  I’m excited to enjoy some sunshine (I’ve given up on warmth), catch up on a very-full DVR, get in a workout (or 2!) and test out a few new recipes I’ve had on the backburner.

How are YOU?  What’s on your weekend calendar?



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