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One of the best resources I’ve come across as a blogger has been Independent Fashion Bloggers team and site.  In addition to providing a TON of resources and interesting reads on fashion, lifestyle and the business of blogging, they’ve also introduced me to so many unique blogs and the talented people who run them.  Each week, IFB curates a “Links a la Mode” feature that highlights their picks for the 20 best posts of the week.  Well, what do you know… The Heart’s Delight made the cut!  Cue balloon drop and pre-choreographed dance to Kool & The Gang’s, “Celebration.”

Once you’re done shaking whatcha mama gave ‘ya, you can check out the rest of the “Links a la Mode” big winners.  You might learn a little something new!



Born to be Styled

You know how it is, every season there’s something new to get into… new trends, new styles, keeping up appearances. As I get older, I notice how some things come cycle in and out, and how some things stay with us season after season. That biker jacket, that classic black and white ensemble, that perfect suit. It’s just a matter of finding that thing that resonates with you and your life year after year. We all have our fleeting musings, but what really strikes our fancy time after time? That’s what I call style.

Links à la Mode: March 27th




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