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Monday Musings: Taking Stock

Good Monday & Happy Cinco de Mayo to you all!

Here’s the latest scene from the homefront:

Scenes from the home front The Heart's Delight Stella Compiseno

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This week’s musings are unfortunately not my own brilliant idea, but I wish it was!  There are millions of creative and talented people out there and sometimes you can’t help but following their lead #imitationisthebestformofflattery.  I saw this “Taking Stock” format done on a blog called, Living in Yellow (which is pretty hysterical, by the way) and couldn’t help but steal the idea.

Cooking: Is my frenemy.

I LOVE to cook (and to eat) but sometimes it’s just so draining at the end of a very long day.  I’ve started using a new service called, Plated.  You may have seen them on the show, “Shark Tank” a few weeks back?  Anyway, they bring back the mojo to my cooking routine.  Each week I order “plates” from their changing menu and I get a big ol’ refrigerated box delivered with pre-measured ingredients, fresh produce/meat/seafood and a step-by-step recipe to follow.  It makes menu planning and grocery shopping for the week a breeze and the dishes I’ve made have been a hit.

Drinking: Coffee.  Lots of coffee. I’ve been partial to my Starbucks Pike Place Keurig pods of late.

Reading: Just finished “Dinner: A Love Story,” which is a memoir penned by a former food editor and blogger about the trials and tribulations of feeding a young family.   Obviously, I can relate and cannot recommend this book enough for a fun, light read as well as for the great recipes inside.  Anyone read anything good lately?

Wanting: To grow my Instagram and Twitter following.  How is it that my 6th grade nephew has close to 1000 followers?!  I think he may be hired as my new social media strategist.

Looking: At patio furniture.  How do we feel about teak?

Playing: “Golf” with my 5 year old.  He essentially stands with his legs spread wide and I try to putt a ball through.  When it’s his turn he whacks the ball as hard as he can and I then have to run across the street to the neighbor’s lawn to retrieve the rogue ball. It’s his way of keeping his mom fit.

Wasting: A ton of time watching Property Brothers on HGTV.  It’s a love/hate relationship with this show.  BOTH brothers annoy the crap out of me, yet I can’t help but watch the whole hour whenever I catch it on TV.

Wishing: My butt were slightly larger, firmer, rounder and more perky. I’ll pass on the GOOP-Y attitude, but I’ll take Gwyneth Paltrow’s post-Tracy Anderson derriere. Pure Barre, here I come.

Enjoying: The brief moment of sunshine coming through my office window.

Waiting: For our new landscaping to go in next week!  I’m excited to finish the final step of our backyard/patio area transformation.  It’s been a long time in the making.

Liking: This H&M pink ‘scuba’ pleated skirt.  I saw it in the store while shopping with my 10 year old niece and have been thinking about it since.  It looks way more expensive than it actually is.

Wondering: Where I could wear the aforementioned pink pleated skirt?

Loving: My new air-dry hair technique I picked up from this past Friday’s Link Love.  I literally wake up, smooth down my ends with some Davines Oi Absolute Beautifying Potion, spray in a little Davines spray for texture and definition and I’m set for the day.

Hoping: The zit on my chin finally decides to hit the road.  We’ve become close friends and all, but I’m ready to say goodbye.

Marveling: At how big and independent the kiddos have gotten in the last 3 months.  “Mommy, I’ll do it MYSELF!” is commonly heard around these parts.

Needing: My hair cut and colored STAT.  It’s time.

Smelling: Assorted perfume samples in search of a new signature scent.  I’ve used “Narciso Rodriguez For Her” exclusively for close to 10 years… I think I’m ready for something new to add into the mix. I’m definitely more into the sandalwood, amber, spiced scents vs. fruity or flowery, if anyone has any good recommendations?

Wearing: Total soccer mom attire… literally.  Black Lululemon leggings, a grey Vince long sleeve tee, layered over a white Vince racer back tank, topped with a J.Crew army green anorak.  Oh, and Hunter rain boots. Lots of rain = muddy fields.

Following: My daily to-do list.  A must.

Noticing: The light layer of dust collecting throughout the house.  It may be time for a deep spring clean. Who am I kidding!? It’s DEFINITELY time for a deep spring clean and has been for WEEKS.

Knowing: All of the words to “Let It Go.”  It’s a family car sing-a-long.

Thinking: About all of my to-dos for the week… ugh.

Bookmarking: A website called Society6.  A great resource for reasonably priced, quirky and modern home decor and accessories.

Opening: Windows!  Finally.  It’s nice to get some fresh air in the house.

Giggling: At my curious daughter who peeked under a restaurant bathroom stall over the weekend and announced, “Hey little girl, are you pee-peeing in there?”

Feeling: Content.

Get ready week, I’m comin’ after ya!


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