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1) I am self-admittedly OBSESSED with the “denim shirt.”  It’s nice to know other people feel the same way and went to great lengths to uncover the ULTIMATE chambray. (

2) André Leon Talley has always been a man of grandiose personality and stature.  Everything he does is over the top and his personal style fits that description as well.  He recently read the eulogy at L’Wren Scott’s memorial service and for an individual so “grandiose,” he managed to deliver a beautifully restrained and touching speech about his dear friend, L’Wren.  Definitely worth a read. (

3) She’s baaaa-aaaaack.  Monica Lewinsky speaks out 16 years after the sex-scandal that lead to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and rocked Washington.  While sex-scandals and politics historically go hand in hand, the Lewinsky “Intern-Gate” was the first such scandal to be propagated by the internet.  Not exactly a record she is happy about. (

4) Cooking is a unique blend of creative art and exact science.  Learn exactly how long it takes to cook the perfect egg, the golden pancake and a few other delicious goodies, too! (

5) PCs, laptops, iPads, iPhones… oh, my.  The list of personal technology just keeps growing, as does our obsession with being “connected” at all times.  Here are a few simple tips to keep your sanity in a very digital world.  Now, finish reading this post and go ahead and put that device away! (

6) How do we all feel about THIS dress?  Yeah, well I just bought it. #sorrynotsorry (

7) With Mother’s Day this weekend, and Father’s Day coming up in a few weeks, I thought this was the perfect way to honor our parents.  Here are 20 reasons your parents are the absolute greatest! (


To all of the mothers, moms, mommies, moms-to-be, baby-mamas, lil’-mamas, grandmas, grannies, babas, GG’s and assorted other important ladies in our lives, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!



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