The Perfect Summer Sandal

Birkenstock Gizeh Black Perfect Summer Sandal The Hearts Delight

Monday, Monday… are you guys recovering?  A bout of the kiddie summer cold kept me home tending to my littlest patient most of the weekend.  We did A LOT of book reading which was good, although I think I may scream if I ever have to read another book from the “Pinkalicious” series again.  Pure. Parental. TORTURE.  Why can’t there be a good preschool book about Chanel!? Seriously… that may be my next project.  A sample excerpt:

10 quilted Chanel bags all in a row, the black one is missing.

Now, where did it go?!”

During all of this quiet time, aside from my book deal aspirations, I did start thinking about my annual NYC summer migration with the kids and packing us for the 2 weeks away. My list making has officially kicked off and my top priority is making sure that I have a great summer sandal that can take me from beach to city without any blisters or ouches, and WITH a whole lot of style.  Sunday morning while browsing the Nordstrom shoe department, I found it.  THE perfect summer sandal.  Ironically, it’s the perfect summer sandal that I might have owned almost 20 years ago… a Birkenstock Gizeh in black leather.  Now before you get all huffy and remind me about my recent rant on “The Ugly Shoe,” let me explain.  The Gizeh style, is a little less common than the typical wide two-strap Birk that you’re probably used to seeing.  It’s a little more narrow, more feminine and more modern.  It also pairs perfectly with dresses, shorts and basically anything in your closet.  Most importantly, it might be the most comfortable sandal I have ever put on my foot.  Minimalist perfection.

Being the good friend that I am, I’ve pulled some great photo inspiration highlighting the awesomeness that is the Gizeh.






My feet could not be more excited about my selection.  What do YOU think? Am I just another fashion victim to “the ugly shoe”?



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