Independence Day Style 2014 (#Merica)

Independence Day Style 2014 July 4th The Hearts Delight Stella Compiseno

Is it just me, or does it feel like everyone is either out of town, headed out of town, or closing shop early in advance of the July 4th weekend? Independence Day and the associated long holiday weekend has always been one of my favorite parts of the summer.  Between casual pool parties, barbecues with friends and family, parades and ideal beach weather, there is always so much going on whether you’re staying local, or escaping for a few days.  My only complaint about the holiday is the terrible, kitschy clothing that I’ve seen marketed in stores.  No, I’m sorry, I don’t need a t-shirt emblazoned with a rhinestone studded American flag to display my patriotism.  Sparkly firework graphics on my dress don’t make me any more more “American.”  Let’s not forget about that terrible holiday themed light-up “flair”- earrings, pins, headbands in assorted combinations of red, white and blue. Blech.

Not to poo-poo the Americana, but I think we can all take a slightly more low-key, less obvious approach to displaying our American pride.  No bells, no whistles, no illuminated details, just straight up good style. Now, that’s what I call American.

Independence Day 2014


DAY: Bikini Top / String Bottom / Tank Top / Skirt / Sandals / Beach Tote / Towel / Panama Hat

NIGHT: Dress / Wedges / Clutch / Ear Cuffs

How will YOU be displaying your pride for the good ‘ole U-S-of-A this holiday weekend?!




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