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Keep on truckin’.

That’s my motto for the week.  With an upcoming 10 day getaway (NYC here I come!) and summer in full swing, it seems like I have an endless list of tasks (big and small) to accomplish before boarding that flight later this week.  Before I hit the road (or sky?), I wanted to make sure we chatted a little about one of the staples that should be in your closet- the pencil skirt.

I’ve worn my share of pencil skirts during my time working in finance, but recently with my current lifestyle, they’ve taken a back seat to more casual separates.  That is, until I came across THIS skirt at J.Crew and fell in love with the pencil all over again.  Pencil skirts can just be so easy… and flattering. It’s hard to resist sometimes, especially when the skirt is under $40 and a perfect fit.  I also realized that pencil skirts don’t have to be all sexy secretary.  They can be modern, and youthful and fun.  Most of all, they can be comfortable.  And by comfortable I mean, I can wear them during the day while toting around bags, and kids and laptops, then I can turn around switch out a few pieces and wear the same skirt at night and still feel fantastic.  No doubt, that second glass of sparkling rosé is helping a little in the “feel fantastic” department… but back to my point: WEAR PENCIL SKIRTS.


What I’m Wearing:

J.Crew side-slit pencil skirt / BCBG short sleeve top (similar) / J.Crew tassel necklace / Robert Lee Morris hammered gold cuff (similar)/ Coach pointed-toe flats / Marc Jacobs tote

DSC_2766 DSC_2769 J.Crew side-slit soft pencil skirt tassel necklace BCBG rose top Coach rose gold mirror flats Marc Jacobs tote


I’m never one to back down from a style challenge, so tomorrow stay tuned for round #2 of pencil skirt styling.  I promise, it’s a goodie.

How do YOU wear your pencil skirts?



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