How To Shop A Sale Like a Pro (And Have No Regrets The Next Day)

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I’m currently in bed enjoying the quiet morning and the Andaz Hotel’s most incredible bed/thread count situation.  Not too shabby.  My NYC “Mom-Cation” is in full swing and after a day of getting reacquainted with my city and drinking/dining, I’m ready to begin my serious mission: SALE SHOPPING.

Sale shopping is no joke.  I’ve learned the hard way that if you’re not properly trained and prepared, you’re chances of walking away empty handed, or worse yet, walking away with a bunch of s%!$ that you definitely will never wear are fairly high.  In order to prevent this unfortunate mishap, I’ve compiled my top 5 tips to shop a sale like a pro:

1) Do your research

Prior to arriving at any sale situation, do your research beforehand to pin down exactly what you’re looking for.  Are you in the market for shoes? Formal attire? Casual clothing?  Once you have that firmed up, a chaotic sales floor become much more manageable and you are less likely to burn out before even taking a peek at the merchandise you REALLY care about.  

2) Always shop accessories first

I can assure you that regardless of the sale location, accessories (shoes, handbags, etc.) tend to be the best long term bargains and always tend to sell out first.  If you’re a popular shoe size, like me (I’m an 8), forget about it… you better hustle, girl.  I still have the most amazing shoes in my collection that were purchased on clearance close to 10 years ago. Winner.

3) Think before you buy

OK, pay attention guys: this rule is by far one of the best and most important.  When you find something you like, consider if you’d purchase that item at full price.  If it’s not something you would want to buy without a discount, PUT IT DOWN.  You don’t love it and you’re just enticed by the thrill of the bargain.  C’mon, you’re better than that!  Save your money only for items that you absolutely love.  

4) Read the fine print

Always inquire about the terms of the sale: Is is FINAL sale with no returns? Can I get a refund/credit? Is there a return timeframe? Also, make sure you inspect the tag closely for a sale price.  More times than I’d like to admit, I’ve fallen in love with something only to be extremely disappointed when told that the current sale did not apply to whatever I found.  Tragic, I tell you.

5) Dress for success

While I always encourage dressing to look and feel your best, sale shopping requires some legitimate planning in the outfit department.  You want to wear something that is comfortable, lightweight and easy to take on and off when trying on things.  I discourage any shoes with laces or straps- those are a pain to remove in a tight shoe department aisle while standing on one foot, with a box/bag in one hand. I also discourage dressing TOO casually- no sweats, ratty t-shirts, rubber flip flops. A little bit of makeup is also a must.  It’s amazing how more responsive and accommodating the store salespeople are when you’re dressed well!

I hope that my sale shopping words of wisdom come in handy and may you score the deal that retail   dreams are made of!  Gotta run though… The Saks Fifth Avenue sale is two blocks away and calling me.

Do YOU have any awesome sale shopping tips that you swear by?  I’d love to hear all about them in the comments below!





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