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1) If you’ve ever had a professional manicure done at a nail salon there’s a pretty good chance your tips were painted by someone of Vietnamese origin.  Apparently, there is an interesting story behind that fact and it’s all been documented in an upcoming film called, #NailedIt. (

2) I know there is a lot of talk about fashion and style over here at The Heart’s Delight, but I recently realized we haven’t really chatted about childrens’ fashion.  Learn about 11 Cool Kids Clothing Companies For Your Cuties– because fashionable, stylish kids inevitably become fashionable, stylish adults and fashionable, stylish adults rule the world.  Or something like that. (

3) People take their food and dietary habits very seriously, and vegans probably top that list.  Find out what happened when the successful blogger, “The Blonde Vegan” suddenly wasn’t vegan anymore.  Spoiler alert: people did NOT react well. (

4) I am one of those unlucky individuals who tend to bruise easily.  I’ve gotten used to waking up in the morning and finding a new ding here and there, then lamenting about how terrible it will look as it progresses from blue, to green, to brown, to yellow- the grand finale.  Fortunately, for people like me there is something out there called “Arnica.”  Never heard of the stuff?! Me either.  It’s nature’s magic eraser. (

5) Did you know that according to a recent study nearly HALF of all women wear the wrong size shoe?! Ouch. Here are 8 simple steps to ensure that you treat your feet right and finally buy the correct size! (

6) No matter how many terrible things are going on in the world, all it takes are pictures like these to remind me that we live in an extraordinary, miraculous and beautiful planet. (

7) Watermelons are ubiquitous with summer, but I’ve been thinking (and cooking) out of the box a little when it comes to this fruit.  How refreshing and delicious does this watermelon-jalapeno salad sound? (

It’s day 5 of reintegration into normal (non-vacation) daily routines, and we’re still not 100% there yet. Hopefully, there will be a full return to normalcy after the weekend when I finally finish unpacking our bags- my LEAST favorite part of any vacation.  On a positive note, I’m looking forward to a fun date night with another couple Saturday night.  My fingers are crossed that the weather will cooperate and we can get our lakeside patio cocktail on!  Ahhh, the joys of summer.  Hope you all have a great weekend- see you back here on Monday!



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