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Do you know what irks me to beyond infinity!? When my favorite delicate gold chain necklace somehow manages to go rogue on me in the jewelry box and ends up in a tangle of knots that takes me 20 minutes and a safety pin to undo.  This scenario happens at least twice a month. This latest episode led me to finally get off my behind and rethink my jewelry storage situation.   Call me “Captain Obvious,” but status quo was clearly NOT working.

So what’s a girl with a few too many sparkly things to do?! First-world problems, I know.  Well, it’s time to get creative and literally think outside of the jewelry box.

Step #1: Shop your home

I literally walked around the house and gathered up anything I thought would be a good prop to drape, hang or stack my jewelry on.  Sculptures, dishes, antlers, desk organizers… they’re all fair game.

Step #2: Layer on your bling and let it shine in the light

It’s so pretty to walk by my dresser now and see my jewelry sparkle in the morning sun.  The bright reflective surfaces and small pops of color also add a nice feminine touch to a bedroom or dressing area.

Step #3: Check out my roundup of creative jewelry displays below! (#shamelessplug)

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How do YOU organize all of your pretty, sparkly things?





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