Fake It Until You Make It.

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There are some mornings where even the best Instagram filters can’t help your cause. Those are the mornings when your skin feels parched and dull, your hair is doin’ it’s own crazy thing and you feel gross and puffy with no desire to dress yourself in anything other than your softest pajamas.  Those are the mornings when no matter how many times you hit that snooze, it’s just not enough. Those are the mornings when you pray your hardest that your kids sleep in just a little longer than usual so that you can have some quiet time to yourself.  Those are the mornings when even the sound of your iPhone e-mail notifications hurt your head.  Those are the mornings when we all have just gotta fake it.

I’ve found through no lack of experience, that when I feel/look my worst, it helps to have no-fail rescue agents that will get me out the door, maybe not feeling me best, but at least fooling everyone else.


( 1 ) My absolute favorite pair of most flattering black skinny pants.  They’re probably the softest pair of pants I’ve ever owned. No question.

( 2 ) An extra long classic, white, button-down. On it’s own, or layered under a cropped jacket, it works wonders.

( 3 ) I just discovered this Etsy designer and her layered, mixed material masterpieces.  Talk about a statement necklace.

( 4 ) A structured bag in a beautiful rich hue will make any outfit look 100x more expensive.

( 5 ) These simple, black booties with a twist will keep you looking sharp.


( 6 ) I discovered biotin after giving birth to my 2nd child (and suffering the post-natal hair loss consequences!) and have kept this nutritional supplement on my shelf ever since.  If your hair or nails need a little “oomph,” this all natural solution is for you.

( 7 ) I <3 BKR.  You can read about my favorite water bottle here.

( 8 ) Coffee seems to make the world a better place. It’s also a great remedy for a throbbing headache.

( 9 ) Have you guys tried green juices yet?  I’m surprisingly a huge fan, and this “Super Green” is great for a little liquid nourishment on the go.


( 10 ) This concealer/highlighter is like a magic eraser for the face.  I swear.

( 11) There is nothing better than one less morning spent having to wash and blow dry my hair. Dry shampoo gives my style a “lift” and is perfect for some added messy bed-head texture.

( 12 ) Proenza Schouler’s limited edition collaboration with MAC might be the best thing to happen to my makeup bag. EVER.  I have been wearing this dark, sheer shade of plum lipstick on repeat ever since I picked it up on a whim.

( 13 ) When my skin hates me and rebels in an angry fury of inflammation and breakouts, I cry “Uncle!” and slather on this cream. Instant complexion improvement in a jar.

( 14 ) I hate eyeshadow, yet I love this. It’s a creamy pot of magic that wakes my eyes up and gives them a glowy sheen with a pat of the finger.

( 15 ) This contour/bronzing kit manages to give me envy inducing cheekbones with a swipe of a brush.  A little faux glow never hurt anyone either!

Do YOU fake it? If so, I’d love to hear about your best tips and tricks!



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