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Taaa-Daaah! The Heart's Delight Stylist Consultant Personal Interior Event Stella Compiseno

Do you ever not say a thought or a feeling out loud for fear that it will become real!? Well, apparently if I don’t verbally express something, it’s not happening. Kind of like when a kid covers his ears and says, “La, la, la, la… I can’t hear you!” Except I’m supposed to be an adult. “Supposed to” being the key phrase here. Whether it’s fear, uncertainty, or just a trepidation about change holding me back, it’s finally time to air out some laundry.  Clean, very stylish laundry, of course.

About a year ago, I officially filed with the state to make The Heart’s Delight, a very fancy and official “The Hearts Delight, LLC.” It was the final step in the realization that my past life as a Wall Street institutional sales person was over, and it was time to put on some big-girl pants and build a business. My OWN business. While there is a serious business to blogging, I was (and still am!) looking to grow beyond that, using all of those creative juices pressed out of each blog post to not only virtually inspire people, but also physically assist people in finding their heart’s delight. For the past year I have been working directly with clients that I had garnered through very generous friends, family and word-of-mouth on personal styling, interior styling and event styling. It’s been challenging, rewarding, exciting and honestly, the best thing I have ever done for myself professionally. I just wasn’t mentally prepared to take the plunge and scream this all from the mountaintops- or blog post.

Well, here I am. Taaaa-Daaah! The Heart’s Delight, LLC is officially open for business.

Not sure if any of you eagle eyes out there noticed, but there is a cute little tab located on the header menu called “SERVICES.” Please take a look, peruse the menu and share with your friends and family. Hell, share it with strangers if you’re so inclined. If you live in the local NE Ohio ‘hood, I can’t wait to meet you in person! If you’re in other parts of the country, or world, don’t worry- I didn’t forget about you.  I’ve been perfecting online tools and e-commerce applications that with some measurements, images and good communication allow me to help style you too!

Whew, I feel much better now. My big girl pants are looking more and more flattering each day.



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