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1) With New York Fashion Week in full swing, who better to follow to keep on top of all of the hottest runway designs, than the original fashion diva herself: Barbie.  Barbie now has an official Instagram and boy, does she take a mean selfie! (

2) One of my favorite designers, Helmut Lang just announced a pretty sweet collaboration with Japanese based retailer, UNIQLO.  What does this mean for you!? A capsule collection of the most luxe loungewear/athletic inspired clothing for a STEAL! HERE, take a look for yourself. (

3) I think Seth Meyers is one of the wittiest individuals on TV today and he did not disappoint in his recent speech honoring the elegant and iconic, Carolina Herrera. Who ever thought that an anecdote involving food poisoning and wedding gowns could end on such a high note!? (

4) Now that Starbucks has officially released the pumpkin spice latte ending whatever summer we thought we had left, I feel like it’s OK to start talking about holiday travel. More specifically, the best time to book aforementioned holiday travel.  (

5) As I’ve mentioned in the past, brunch has always been my favorite meal. Do I want savory? Do I want sweet? Who cares!!! It’s socially acceptable to have either, or in my case, BOTH! I came across this Corn, Cheddar and Scallion Strata recipe and bookmarked immediately.  It’s the perfect way to take advantage of the last few weeks of sweet summer corn and super easy to boot. (

6) I’m not exactly the most patient person when it comes to art projects/crafting with young children, but I LOVE these DIY geode crystals so much, I think I may give them a shot.  My kids might be mildly entertained too… for at least 3 minutes. (

7) It seems like heaven just got whole lot funnier… and possibly, better dressed.  Joan Rivers was an entertainment pioneer, an entrepreneur, a writer, a critic, a comedienne and a legend. Joan, you will be missed. (

It’s the first weekend in September and apparently Mother Nature is right on cue dropping temps in my area by 30 degrees between tonight and tomorrow?! Here we go, folks… Autumn, let’s roll. It’s also a special birthday weekend for my little guy so I’m gearing up for an influx of 5-6 year old boys at our house on Saturday.  A bright neon green and black semi-truck tricked out with assorted gaming devices is supposed to pull into my driveway to kick off the festivities.  Essentially, it’s a little boy’s video game heaven on wheels. I like to keep the neighborhood classy, folks. If I survive the Super Mario Brother overload, I’ll make sure to give you guys the full report on Monday!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.



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