1 Dress, 3 Ways

hangers One Dress Three Ways The Hearts Delight Stella Compiseno Ann Taylor Sleeveless Trench

Did you ever have a dress, shoes or a (“fill in the blank”) catch your eye and that was all you could think about for the next few days!? Maybe it’s just me.  Ever since I saw THIS dress online, I’ve been mentally and virtually styling it to justify the price ($149).  Well, now it’s 25% off (for a limited time only w/ code ANNWELCOME11) and obviously that makes me even more excited.  Come to Mama.

In case you were wondering, here are the 3 ways I would wear this most perfect fall closet addition.  I love that you can transform it from a standalone dress, to a key fall layering piece for both work appropriate and casual looks!

LOOK #1: Earrings // Bracelet (the Chloe version sold out, but THIS or THIS are similar and much less $$$) // Eyeliner // Lipstick // Shoes // Handbag

LOOK #2: Skirt (currently 25% off, with code SHOPFORFALL)// Sweater // Satchel // Boots

LOOK #3: Hat // Sneakers // Jeans (under $30!!! WHhhaaaat?!)// Tote // Shirt

How many ways would YOU wear this dress?



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