The Warmest, Coziest, Most Stylish, Down Coats That Won’t Make You Look Fat

down coats that won't make you look fat
Figures that the day I decide to write about down coats, it’s a beautiful, sunny, 65 degrees outside. Regardless, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but winter IS coming… and we can’t stop it. Earlier this season, we chatted about ON-TREND WINTER COATS. I deliberately didn’t include what can become the workhorse of your outerwear wardrobe because I thought I thought it deserved a post entirely onto itself. The tricky thing about down coats, is that while extremely warm and practical they have a tendency to make us look a little “wider” for lack of a better term. The poufy quilting is not exactly the most forgiving! More importantly, down coats tend to be a snoozefest. A black, mid-thigh length, zippered bore. If you’re going to be wearing something daily for an extended period of time, it makes sense to find something with a little somethin’-somethin’ special that will make you stand out from the black, puffy, down-coat wearing crowd.

My suggestion: find a great fitting coat with one special or unique feature.

It could be the color, it could be an asymmetrical cut, it can even be the type of material itself. I want you to go out there and hunt down a coat that not only warms your body, but keeps your style flame burning even in the coldest temps.

Equally as important, this coat should not engulf you.

The shoulder seams should line up with your own shoulders. The silhouette should skim your body. We’re not buying ski gear here, you want a down coat that looks as elegant as your best fitted, wool topper. In the dead of winter, your coat reigns supreme and makes your first impression. Let’s make it something great!

What kind of down coat will YOU be wearing?

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