#Project333: Week #4 Recap

#project333 week #4 recap The Heart's Delight Stella CompisenoCan you believe its almost been a month since I started my “minimalist” experiment? Originally, I thought I would test out capsule wardrobe living for a month, but it’s been so easy and effortless that I think I may try to take it through the holidays! #cantstopwontstop

*** A note: You may have noticed that day #25 is not included… that would be because I spent the day in an old, gross, t-shirt and jeans. This lovely ensemble was accessorized with my husband’s oversized 10+ year old North Face fleece and rubber gardening gloves. Unfortunately, it was time to seal and treat our teak outdoor patio table and chairs. A truly fashionable experience.

*** Another note: I thought you all may be sick of me linking to the same pieces over-and-over for these weekly recaps, so click HERE for the full capsule collection breakdown with sourcing information.

Here are my latest capsule wardrobe observations:

  1. My collection is clearly very monochromatic- black, white and grey with a hint of red and pink. I’ve started incorporating more fun accessories and accents to spruce up what can be a neutral snooze. Bracelets, jackets, scarves… even brighter lipstick keep me feeling on trend and keep my outfits fresh even though the pieces are on constant repeat.

  2. The CAMO BLOUSE I thought I would wear all of the time has just not gotten much play in the rotation.  I think I decided it’s because it’s too dark/drab.  With so many neutrals, the dark camo pattern just weighs heavy and doesn’t provide enough contrast or pop. Come the end of this capsule, I will not mind parting with this guy and swapping in something a little brighter.

  3. I’ve already started thinking about which pieces I would carry forward into a winter capsule and how I can creatively expand my color palate. Honestly, after not shopping for close to 2 months now (but who’s counting!?), I’ve started scoping online websites and building a virtual capsule using most of my staples from this current collection, as well as a few new goodies I have my eye on… like THESE PANTS, THIS BLOUSE, THIS DRESS, and THIS SWEATER. Hopefully, all of the holiday sales will coincide with the next season’s capsule build out.

Anyone else trying out or thinking about trying out this streamlined way of fashion life? If so, I would love to hear YOUR impressions and feedback!

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