How to Layer Like a Fashion Pro: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Layer Like a Fashion Pro: A Step By Step Guide

As soon as the Starbucks cups turn red, there is a holiday buzz in the air. Wait?! Maybe, it’s actually a caffeine buzz?! Whatever it is, the red cups are here which means the turkey needs to get brined and stuffed, the holiday decor needs to make its way out of the basement and some lengthy letters to Santa need to be written. The red cup is also a pretty good indication that sweater weather is here to stay and running out without appropriate outerwear is just a bad idea.

So, about layering… Personally, I love it! It really lets you get creative with how you wear your clothes. Standalone shirts make their way under others and what was once outerwear can technically become part of an inside outfit if styled correctly. Now add a bright scarf and some luxe accessories to the equation and you look like you just stepped out of a street style photo captured in the streets of Soho. Did I mention that layering keeps you warm?! Trust me, after surviving last winter’s Polar Vortex, it DOES.


A striped shirt, a pair of great jeans and some killer black pumps. Every woman should own these already. If you don’t, here’s a friendly reminder to add these items to your Santa list!



Whether it’s a sweater or a button down, this next layer should add visual interest but not necessarily bulk. It should be fitted and cut close to the body to maintain your streamlined silhouette. In my case, I decided on one of my favorite layering V.I.P.s- the chambray shirt. I rolled up the sleeves to allow some of the graphic stripes to peek out. Lookin’ pretty good, right?




Here is where fall/spring outerwear becomes part of your “inner”wear. I LOVE a thin, fitted military anorak. It’s the perfect neutral that goes with everything and with its nipped in waist, it helps preserve that hourglass shape we all love. Technically, I could walk out the door just like this, but it’s a little ho-hum, boring for even my neutral loving taste.




As that really annoying commercial goes, “I don’t wear belts often, but when I do…” it’s usually to add interest to an otherwise pretty basic outfit and/or define my waist. On most women, their natural waist is the thinnest part of their bodies. A belt draws the eye to that perfect spot and creates the illusion of hourglass proportions. Short waisted and big busted women of the world- ditch the wide belts!!! Those suckers just make your torso look even shorter and in some cases, make your chest look like it’s resting on your hips with no torso in between. Essentially, wide belts are not your style friend. A well crafted skinny belt is my recommendation!



Now that you’re outfit is shaping up, it’s time to add some personality and color! In the winter, a bright scarf can be the perfect solution. I’m constantly on the hunt for bright and graphic scarves that I wear year-round. This time of year, a good scarf keeps the chill away and brings some much needed color to my very pale face.


What I’m Wearing:

Old Navy ANORAK // J.Crew CHAMBRAY SHIRT // T by Alexander Wang STRIPED SHIRT // Paige Premium Denim JEANS // Jimmy Choo PUMPS // J.Crew BELT (SIMILAR)// T.J.Maxx SCARF (SIMILAR) // Halston Heritage BAG (SIMILAR & ON SALE under $150!)

Boom. Outfit complete.

How to do YOU layer?

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