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5 Simple Tools To Boost Your Confidence

5_simple_tools_to_boost_your_confidenceGot a minute? Great… let’s talk.

The topic of confidence has been on my mind a lot lately in many iterations: work, appearance, parenting, social relationships. That little word has some serious implications in how we live our lives. Without confidence we hide, we dismiss, we miss out and worst of all, we regret. Not exactly good results which over time become part of a lifelong cycle. No doubt, even the most successful, energetic and well-respected individuals have their battles with confidence. I imagine we all do at some point.

So what can we do to change this? To turn the situation on it’s head and discover that, “Hey, you know what? I CAN. I WILL. I AM.” (Kudos to my PSYCLE instructor extraordinaire, JEN for that gem!) Needless to say, great supportive people in your life can help get you there. Personal cheering squad aside, I’ve been thinking about the simple things we could do for ourselves to give us that occasional boost of self-confidence to get us through difficult situations, or tackle obstacles head on.  Nothing really revolutionary or overly consuming, just small things that work for me when I feel like I need an extra push. Hopefully, these 5 simple tools will work for you, too.

1. A great pair of heels.

What’s better than a killer pair of pumps, or boots to help you feel like you can command any situation? Maybe it’s the added physical height, or perhaps it’s the way I’m forced to stand straighter, but a great shoe can change the course of my day. Shallow or not, fabulous shoes give me authority. So take it and run, right? Well, maybe not run unless someone is chasing you. How about we gracefully glide with authority?

2. Leather.

It’s tough, it’s structured and it’s a layer of protection against the elements. Nothing makes me feel more in control than leather.

3. Bright lips.

When you’re on a hunt for hidden confidence there is no easier fix than swapping out that neutral gloss for bright, attention grabbing lipstick. There is no question that with a bold red pout, all eyes are on you and every word spoken has just a bit more emphasis.

4. Sweat.

When I’m struggling with confidence and need to decompress, regroup and discover some clarity, there is nothing better than a great workout. For me, it’s on a bike, surrounded by strangers, with a strong beat directing the pace. Things I never thought I could accomplish all of a sudden become attainable. At the end of the hour, I’m physically spent, but mentally ready for anything. Bring it on.

5. Underwear.

First, a small note: Dear husband of mine, you may want to stop reading here. Your wife is about to overshare.

Ok, this one is slightly embarrassing, but we’re all friends here. When I’m not feeling my best and in need of a small confidence booster, I’m telling you, nothing works better than abandoning my ace-bandagey looking undergarments and putting on the most impractical, laciest, most risque bra I own. It sort of becomes my little secret throughout the day. Kind of like how Clark Kent wore that Superman leotard-thing under his office clothes, except my “Superwoman” ensemble involves much less coverage and a little more lift. So there you go. Try it.

All joking aside, self-confidence is such a healthy and attractive attribute that I wish we could all magically be born with. Perhaps, some are. For those of us that are not, it’s nice to know we have the power to change.

What are some tools YOU use to boost your confidence?

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