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Is it just me, or does it seem like the holidays creep up a little sooner each year? Just last weekend, I braved the holiday section at Target and battled my way through aggressive shoppers, cluttered aisles and Target employees resigned to a life of holiday chaos for the next 4 weeks. Keep in mind, this was PRE-THANKSGIVING! The public consensus seems to be that while holiday decorations are lovely and festive, ultimately they’re a huge pain in the ass to get organized, put up, then (worst of all) take down when all of the merriment is over. What a spiked egg-nog/champagne buzz-kill, right?

This year, I am a bit more prepared with a holiday decor plan for success. Ultimately, creating a beautiful holiday home comes down to 3 important steps:

1) Choose a theme and color palette


The easiest way to get your holiday decorating off to a good start is by selecting a theme and color palette which will carry throughout the house. By narrowing down your options, it makes shopping for decor much easier and will save you tons of time and money. I like to go a little “non-traditional” in my colors which gives my home a modern, sophisticated pop. Don’t feel obligated to stick to the green and red of Christmas. Your home can look equally as festive in shades of violet and brown! What’s most important is that you pick what you LOVE.

2) Incorporate layers of texture


Nothing makes a home feel warmer, or more festive than texture. Soft, chunky knits, layers of garland, soft ribbons, strings of fairy lights, etc. By sticking to the theme and color palette (see STEP 1), you’ll ensure that whatever you layer together works in harmony- kind of like your favorite holiday party outfit.

3) Showcase your home


Decorating your home for the holidays is the perfect opportunity to show off your home’s character and architectural details. Simply hanging a soft pine garland over a crown molding framed archway draws attention to a unique feature of your house. By placing that glass container of sparkly metallic ornaments in front of the bay window, your eye is immediately drawn to one of the most beautiful places in your home. Like a woman’s makeup, good holiday decor should enhance the look of your home, not cover it up.

If you happen to reside in the Cleveland area, come see my 3-step plan in action at the upcoming Rocky River Women’s Club Holiday Home Tour taking place Sunday, December 7th, 11am-4pm! You can purchase your tickets HERE to tour six beautifully decorated Rocky River homes, one of which will be decorated by yours truly! The diverse lineup includes: an eco-friendly new build, a cliffside home, two completely renovated (and re-imagined) historic homes, a 7,000 sq. ft. Nantucket-style stunner, and a lakefront site featuring an antique penny arcade. All homes are located north of Detroit Road in the Beachcliff neighborhoods and there truly is something for everyone.

I’ve been working overtime to create a beautiful holiday design for the homeowner and I couldn’t be more excited to share the final results! A little spoiler alert: it’s a little glam, a little off-the-beaten-North-Pole-path, and it’s FABULOUS! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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