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The Perfect Last-Minute Gift

Over the years, one thing I’ve learned about the holidays is to expect the unexpected. No doubt, there will be a party I didn’t plan for, a gift recipient I didn’t consider, or someone that I totally screwed up and blanked on (#mybad). The other thing I’ve learned is to be prepared with small, special gifts that appear thoughtful and well-planned, even at the very last minute. What’s the worst that can happen? I surprise myself, don’t actually leave anyone off of the gift list and am left to enjoy some holiday goodies that went ungifted. Yeah, I’ll take that hit for the team anytime.

1. Stationary & Desk Accessories

STATIONARY is just one of those things you are always happy to have around, but never want to splurge on yourself. The makings of a perfect gift. Add in some clever PENCILS and a TAPE DISPENSER that is as practical as it is pretty to look at, and you have yourself a fantastic gift.

2. Pajamas

A crisp, timeless PAJAMA SET would please any gift recipient and probably give them a good excuse to retire those 15+ year old pajamas with the dancing Mr. Peanut on them. Oh, wait… that’s me.

3. Amazon Prime

The ideal last minute gift for a last-minute gift giver (kind of meta, no?). Not only does an AMAZON PRIME ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION offer the recipient a year’s worth of free 2-day shipping on millions of items, but it also opens up an entire world of movies, TV shows and e-books.

4. Succulents & Planters

It’s the plant of choice for any “Black Thumb” gardener. Requiring little, to no attention a SUCCULENT TERRARIUM offers a dose of high-style greenery that will outlast any fruitcake. 

5. Jeni’s Ice Cream Subscription & Dishes

A trio of JENI’S SPLENDID ICE CREAM (CROWD FAVORITES COLLECTION) would be the hit of any dinner party, especially if these cute ICE CREAM DISHES came with it! Now, if you offered to wash those dishes at the end of the night, I guarantee you’ll be on the host/hostesses’ invite list for years to come.

6. Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription

A coffee connoisseurs caffeinated dream come true… A BLUE BOTTLE GIFT SUBSCRIPTION will keep the pep in your giftee’s step each month. Why not throw in a cute COFFEE MUG that will keep them smiling?

Do YOU have any gift “go-to’s” for your last-minute exchanges?

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