New Year’s Eve Fashion Countdown

New Years Eve Fashion What To Wear To  Casual House Party

I’m just going to be blunt, I kinda hate all of the sparkle and spectacle that comes with New Year’s Eve.

The bars are overcrowded and overpriced, the “fun” is overrated and it rarely lives up to the hype. Now throw in two young children, a lack of able-bodied babysitters willing to give up their big night out, and an unfortunate early wakeup call in the form of a 6-year old knocking on your bedroom door and just throw in the towel. Well, almost.

My New Year’s Eve celebrations have undergone an evolution over the years skewing more to the casual, last minute, home get-together kind of deal which is just fine by me! I can actually hear what people are saying, I’m not standing outside praying for a taxi to miraculously appear and I haven’t blown $200 a head for a glass of overly-sweet Mumm champagne and passed hors d’oeuvres which never quite make their way to my end of the room. Best of all, I get to spend the evening with my friends, my family and my little loves. Oh, and I’m in bed by 12! Winner, winner.

Just because I’m not out on the town, doesn’t mean I need to sacrifice my style! Dressing for a house party is often dictated by the host/hostess, but generally means comfortable, yet still festive. More likely than not, you also have the makings of this aforementioned look right in your closet. The best kind of outfit.

Simply hover over the images for product information and direct links to all of the items below!

Regardless of whether you’re staying in, or planning a big night out, have a safe, happy, fun and festive holiday!

See you in 2015!

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