Vegas, Baby: How To Pack For A Las Vegas Weekend

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I’m suffering from a serious case of #FOMO (fear of missing out).

All the ladies in the family are heading to Las Vegas this weekend to celebrate a 50th, a 40th, a 30th, AND a double 21st (twins, y’all!) birthday. For a multitude of reasons, I had to sit this one out and as expected, I’m now kicking myself for not booking the trip.

You’ll just have to pour one out for me this weekend, girls… but enough of my whining!

I’ve got a very important memo to share: How to pack for a Las Vegas weekend getaway.

Over the past week, I’ve fielded a few (okay, maybe slightly more than a few) questions about what should make the packing list. As I put together outfits, I realized that Vegas has it’s own “unique” interpretation of fashion… which tip-toes the fine line between “party/sexy/fun” and totally inappropriate.

Yeah, yeah… I know, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Unfortunately, that’s not totally true.

Let’s keep it classy, girls.

I’ve put together a simple Last Vegas weekend packing guide. It’s a weekend capsule collection that can be mixed + matched to create dozens of looks:

What exactly do I pack for a 3 day/2 night getaway?

Some Styling Notes:

When putting together your own weekend wardrobe, it’s important to keep these pointers in mind.

1) Try to stick to a single color palette.

If all of the pieces are in the same color family, you KNOW everything will work together and you’ll ultimately need to pack less.

2) When planning a “party/night out” outfit, think about one part of your body you want to highlight.

Whether you’re all about the bass, well… that’s your call. Pick clothes that accentuate the positive- that’s where you want the eye to go, then keep the rest of the outfit to a minimum. Short is good. Tight is good. Low-cut is good. Just not all together, please?! Deal?

3) Plan individual outfits for each day/activity.

This way, you’ll be less likely to forget to pack something that you know you’ll want with you.

4) Don’t forget to keep it comfy (and still chic!).

Make sure to always pack some soft, warm separates for cool hotel rooms and travel days.

Now, onto the outfits!

what to pack for a weekend in vegas day
what to pack for a weekend in vegas night

So, for those of you partaking is this fun Vegas getaway- I hope you’re all set! Party on, sistah’s. You’re going to look fabulous.

For those of you that will be sitting on the couch in your sweats watching your DVR’d Girls episode like me, bookmark this post so you can pull together a weekend bag at moments notice.

You never know when the next exciting adventure will call.

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