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Now that we’re a few weeks into 2015… how are those fitness resolutions coming along? I was just commenting to my husband that in my 30-some years, this (3 years) is the absolute longest I’ve gone consecutively in terms of maintaining a regular exercise routine. Kind of sad, yet kind of true.

I know how hard it can be to motivate when there are 1000 other things you could be doing (or NOT doing, as the case may be), it’s cold and gross outside and you’re exhausted after a long day. Oh… I definitely know! The standard gym workout was just not enjoyable enough for me to push myself out the door. It took a long time, but eventually I came across a physical activity I love (#PSYCLEPATH) and actually MISS when I can’t partake. Better yet, I finally figured out that I’m (no doubt) a morning person, and it’s much more likely that I will carve out that hour workout time at 5am vs. 7pm. It’s a standing appointment I make with myself that once committed in writing/typing, I’m less likely to break.

You know what else?! It’s so cliché, but clothes in this case really do make the difference. New workout gear always gets me more interested in squeezing into a sports bra and getting suctioned by assorted poly-lycra-spandex blends. These days, there are so many new athletic wear options and brands you can pretty much find something fabulous at every price point and size.

Shop the look by hovering over the image above, or clicking on the individual items below:

How do YOU motivate to get your workout in?

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