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The Elephant In The Room

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What do you think is the singular most important piece of furniture in your home?

After some serious internal debate, I’ve come to the conclusion that in my home, it’s definitely the couch. It’s pretty much the epicenter of all activity from morning play-time, to after-dinner movie nights and everything in between. For better or worse, we spend a lot of time on our couch. Luckily for us, our giant sectional is a combination of clean lines and relatively neutral color that has easily transitioned with my tweaks in decor.

But what do you do if you’re not feeling the love for your couch?! It’s a large, dominant piece of furniture that unfortunately does not come cheap. It can easily become the oversized, overstuffed elephant in the room that’s a constant reminder of bad interior design decisions of your past.  Aside from spending a fortune to invest in a new couch, I’ve got some easy styling tips to finally rid yourself of the elephant and create the home environment you crave.

Blend It


Kind of like a sophisticated interior design version of military-grade camouflage, even if you dislike the particular shade of couch, you’ll actually pay less attention to it if the surroundings are styled in a similar hue. Paint your walls a coordinating shade and voilà, the couch suddenly disappears. The same can be said for the rug underfoot. If it’s selected in a tone that matches the couch, your big “elephant” suddenly becomes less of an eyesore and settles right into your decor.

Throw It


Throw pillows are the costume jewelry of the design world. Got a plain jane outfit, err… couch?! Jazz it up with some fabulous throw pillows in assorted modern textiles! Easy as that. Pillows can also add a layer of texture, warmth and pops of color to an otherwise bland space. Best of all, no worries about that 3-year old milk stain on your upholstery. No one sees a thing when it’s hidden behind a beautiful geometric trellis printed pillow!

Blanket It


If you’re a little more minimalist and streamlined, perhaps an abundance of pillows is not for you. That’s OK. That’s why man invented the throw blanket. Well, for that purpose and for those of us who are constantly freezing. A throw blanket folded neatly and draped in a vertical line over one end of the couch can instantly change the entire look of your “elephant.” It becomes intentional and the wide, crisp stripe that results can dramatically alter the shape and/or pattern that you dislike. For a slightly different look, why not invest in a small sheepskin throw and place it on the back of the couch? Instant snuggle magnet.

(Re)Cover It


This final quick fix, is actually not the quickest or the cheapest, but can be the ultimate solution that will still run you way less than purchasing a new couch. If the bones of the offending sofa are good and the silhouette of the frame is something you can live with, a reupholstery job might just be your ticket to couch love.  A custom fabric selection lets you really express your personality and seamlessly mesh your couch into whatever interior design you want. Professional furniture upholsterers can be found in most areas and are treasure troves of knowledge when it comes to picking the right type of fabric that will ensure your favorite couch lasts for a long time.

Oh, AND when someone asks you where you got that fabulous couch, you get to bat your eyelashes, feel all fancy and say, “Oh, this couch? It was custom… don’t you just love it?!”

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