Stylish Snow Boots (That Won’t Make You Look Like A Wookie!)

snow boots Nike Air Max 1 Dunk Sky High Waterproof Winter Feeling good this morning?

Apparently, research shows that the Monday after Superbowl is the LEAST productive workday of the year. Not exactly disagreeing with that conclusion. Might as well embrace it with an easy, light blog post and move on to all of the coffee. So what are we going to talk about today!? Well, shoes of course.

If you live in a northern climate, at this point in the season you’re probably over your current pair of boots and/or they’re worse for wear after abusing them in snow, slush, salt and sand. Just like new gym clothes get people excited to workout, my theory is that new stylish snow boots might provide that last little push needed to get through the next 2 months of winter. I’ve been sort of obsessing over Nike’s new line of waterproof snow boots: NIKE DUNK SKY HI. I just discovered these guys in the last month and I’m a little sad that I hadn’t found them sooner! They’re the epitome of fashion and function.

Ummm, high tops that I can wear in the SNOW?! What the whaaah!?

Best of all, these boots won’t leave you feeling like a WOOKIE. If you are unfamiliar with the Wookie, let me educate you. They’re the hairy, Yeti/Big Foot like creatures featured in the Star Wars movie series. My 6 y.o. is a BIG fan. I can understand the entertainment value of Wookies, yet I still don’t want to look like one. So many snow boots on the market (Uggs, Sorels, the beloved L.L. Bean, etc.) embrace the Wookie-look: wide, chunky and furry. I’m lusting after the Nikes simply because they’re the total opposite. I’ve got enough winter bulk on my frame as it is between the sweaters, coats, hats, scarves… I’m good, thanks.

So, what do you think? Has this cold weather sucked all of the fashion sensibility out of me, or am I onto something?

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