The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Soft Winter Skin

lazy girl's guide to soft skin

One thing you’ve probably learned about me by now is that when it comes to skin care I’m pretty lazy. Ok, let me rephrase that a little…  I like maximum results with minimal effort. Not sure if that made it sound any better, but let’s just pretend it did.

For as long as I can remember, as soon as the season turns cold my legs turn into a flaky, scaly, itchy, dry mess. No amount of moisturizing (when I remember to lube up) can keep the dreaded winter skin away.  As with my face (if you’re interested, my full skincare/beauty routine is recapped HERE), this year I finally took some much needed action on my body as well. All it took was a simple exfoliating glove and 2-minutes in the shower.

Now, when I slip into my shower I lather up from head-to-toe using old-school DOVE BEAUTY BAR in circular strokes with my $3 drugstore EXFOLIATING GLOVE. I follow up with a generous application with rich, body lotion (my favorite is KIEHL’S CREME DE CORPS SOY MILK + HONEY WHIPPED BODY BUTTER) right out of the shower with my skin still warm. I won’t lie, it feels pretty fantastic. Better yet, the light exfoliation increases blood circulation to the area, sloughs off dead skin cells, encourages new collagen production and unclogs pores. After regularly using these products and technique, flaky, dry skin is a thing of my past and I’ve been left behind with softer, more supple younger looking skin. Who doesn’t like that!?

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Now, I know none of this information is groundbreaking in anyway, but I just thought I would share to prove that sometimes small tweaks in our day-to-day routines can make a world of difference over time. Like I said earlier, minimal effort, maximum impact!

Do YOU have any simple beauty tips that you swear by? I would love to hear all about them!

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