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1. When perusing through your INSTAGRAM feed, do you ever notice the same aesthetically perfect backdrops popping up over and over? Check out these 30 MOST INSTAGRAMMED L.A. LANDMARKS and I guarantee you’ll see a familiar sight. (

2. Now that New York Fashion Week is off and running, get a behind the dressing room curtain peek at HOW SOME OF THE BEST STREET STYLE LOOKS COME TOGETHER… Chances are, those fashion trend-setters had a little “help.”(

3. I really loved this compilation of 36 tastemakers/designers/celebrities describing THE SPECIAL MOMENT THEY FELL IN LOVE WITH FASHION. (

4. Get the ins-and-outs of HOW TO SELL YOUR CLOTHES ON EBAY. Do it right, and you could be making $1000 a month… KA-CHING! (

5. Continuing with the theme of making/saving your hard earned dollars, here are 5 SIMPLE HABITS THAT CAN HELP YOU COOK ON A BUDGET. (

6. Thinking of last minute ideas to treat your love this Valentine’s Day? How about THE BEST BREAKFAST IN BED. (

7. Finding a statement making pump with less than a 4″ heel is not easy, but I think I did it. Feast your eyes on THESE 3.25″ stunners. If you’re OK with a slightly higher heel, I am pretty much head-over-heels (get it?) with THESE guys which also happen to be 70% off! (6pm/

Today commences a long 4-day holiday weekend for my kids, which means a straight-up LONG weekend for me! Thank goodness for the local AMC and inexpensive mid-day movie tickets! I pay $5-6/pp, the kids get entertained with an animated movie (this weekend’s Oscar contender: Sponge Bob: The Movie) and mom gets the luxury of 2 blissful hours without anyone fighting, whining or complaining. Brilliant, I tell you! In all seriousness, when the weather is this cold and dreary, it’s just nice to get everyone out of the house to break up the day. Wine helps too… but that’s for later.

Hope you all have a love-filled Valentine’s Day. Smooches for everyone.

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