It’s FREEZING. Layer up.

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This week, Cleveland (and most of New England, the Midwest and North Atlantic Coast) is experiencing a dip into the coldest temperatures of the past 100+ years. It’s kind of giving last year’s Polar Vortex a run for the money. It’s so cold that it hurts to breathe when you’re outside. My poor puffy coat is doing the best it can, but it’s just no match for -13°F: the recorded low on Monday morning.

So what’s a girl to do?

Layer up.

Yes, you can layer up your actual outfit. That’s a great start. If you need some layering inspiration check out my posts HERE and HERE. Let’s take it to the next level, though…

Have you ever layered your outerwear? It’s not something I generally do, especially now that I have the luxury of a car in the suburbs vs. walking the sidewalks of NYC, but it’s definitely something that has saved me during these coldest of winter days. Layering outerwear provides that extra layer of warmth and breathes new stylish life into your standard-fare coats and jackets. See… there is a silver lining to this blast of tundra!

1 + 2 // 3 + 4 // 5 + 6 // 7 + 8 // 9 + 10

Still unsure this is a style you can pull off successfully? Just take your inspiration from the pros!




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Do you have any tips for keeping extra warm when it’s extra cold outside?

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