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March roars in like a lion and out like a lamb!? Touché, Mother Nature… Lady, you’re all business this month.

With the brief interlude of vacation talk, DENIM CUT-OFFS and general Spring Break planning (you can find my mega packing right over HERE…), I’ve been kind of ignoring the obvious. It’s still effen‘ COLD!

So what’s a girl to do when it’s time to get dressed, besides sit in your closet and stare blankly at all of the clothes you don’t want to ruin in the slush/salt, clothes that you’ll freeze in and clothes that are screaming out for mercy because you’ve been wearing them so much? You keep reading and pick up some ideas from the transitional season style notes I’ve put together below!

monochromatic black text

What I love about monochromatic dressing is that first off, it’s easy! What’s simpler than wearing the same or similar color from head to toe? It just always works. Next, it makes really inexpensive pieces look much more “designer.”  I’ll put TONAL DRESSING in this category, too. Although, while technically you’re not wearing the exact same color, the range of shades is visually appealing and a total fashion win.

white bright text

Do not be afraid of white. White is your friend. White is for all seasons. White looks pretty fantastic. Why deny yourself a built-in glow from within? The contrast of a bright white with more traditional cold weather colors (black, grey, brown, camel, etc.) and textures (wool, cashmere, boucle, faux-fur, leather etc.) takes it to a whole new transitional season level.

Trench coat text

Sticking with the outerwear theme, trench coats are just one of those staples that every woman should own. Personally, I prefer a classic, knee-length, double breasted version. Remember what I said about skewing cheaper on the pastel coat!? Well, you want to do the opposite with your trench and splurge on the best quality that’s within your budget. Everyone’s personal spending is different, I get it… and not everyone can afford a BURBERRY coat, but there are also lovely, well-crafted options at much more affordable prices. Some great brands include: RAG & BONE, BCBGMAXAZRIA, BANANA REPUBLIC & CLUB MONACO to name a few…

white shirt + jeans text

I’m sorry if you’re tired of me saying that I’ll always love a crisp white button down and a simple pair of jeans. It’s true. There is nothing wrong with sticking to a tried and true basic combination, especially when you find pieces and fabrics that work well for your body. Think this look is just too boring for you!? Well, that’s what THE THIRD PIECE is for.

pastel punch text

Since it’s still technically winter and all, you definitely need a coat. While I love a really well tailored neutral (camel, black, grey, etc.) I think that a happy pastel shade is an ideal way to usher in that long-awaited spring. Since this is definitely not a look you’ll be wearing on the reg, this is the time to go a little budget and find a well-cut, flattering pastel outerwear option that’s more of a value than investment.

How are YOU tweaking your style for the month ahead?

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