What’s Your Style Identity?

whats your style identity how to discover your personal styleWhen working with some of my styling clients one of the first questions I ask them is to take a few minutes to think about their personal style. It’s generally hard to describe style in a single word (and really limiting as far as I’m concerned!) so I request that each client comes up with at least two strong adjectives describing their ideal style identity to start. Then add a brief “addendum” to their 2 adjective combo to give a bit more detail and flourish and bring it all together.

For example, my own style identity is:

MODERN + CLASSIC … with a tomboy/gamine twist.

Yours could be:

VINTAGE + BOHEMIAN… with a downtown edge, or FEMININE + PLAYFUL… with retro flare, etc.

Get it? Try it out… see what you come up with.

NYC warehouse style identity the hearts dlite

You might be wondering, “Why is this style identity thing so important?” Well, once you have your style identity on lock-down shopping, dressing and creating your personal image becomes a much easier and more enjoyable task.

We are all guilty of buying clothes that we think we love, that just end up sitting in our closets with the tags still on. Why? Because, while we may be attracted to something and truly love it, it just doesn’t jive with our style identity and the rest of the clothes in our closet. I love the look of bohemian, flowy tunics and maxi dresses in magazines and on other people, but they just don’t work with my “MODERN + CLASSIC… with a tomboy/gamine twist” style identity (and the rest of my wardrobe).

NYC crosswalk stock image

So the next time you are shopping (online or in-store) and pick up an item you think you may want to purchase, ask yourself:

“Does this (fill in the blank) work with my style identity?”

If the answer is no, put it down and walk away. You’ll save yourself a ton of money, frustration and wasted closet space! If the answer is yes, HOORAY! You can be confident in your new buy and feel good knowing that it’s something that you’ll wear and love for a long time to come.

Now tell me, what’s YOUR style identity?

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