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You know when you find that one piece of clothing that perfectly suits your frame, your lifestyle and your style identity? Yeah, it’s a good feeling. Like a warm hug from a close friend. In the case of these black, ripped and (very) skinny jeans, it’s a rather snug hug, that sucks everything in, lifts and visually slims your body. Pretty much the best hug ever.

Every woman I’ve met is the proud owner of black pants and separate skinny blue denim. Both quality items to have in one’s wardrobe. Now if you combine the two together, you get the flattering long line that black pants create with the benefit of being able to wear them almost anywhere- office, excluded. Unless, of course you work in a casual or creative environment, in which case, I salute you!

A few months ago, high(er) waisted black skinny denim came on the sartorial scene… generally, with a little distressing at the knee, occasionally not. I loved the way this denim style could transform a basic tee and blazer combo into something a little different from the usual weekend wear. Add a silk blouse, or even a chunky sweater (because it sort of still feels like winter!? WTF!?)! Paired with heels or flats, you really can’t go wrong.

What to look for when you shop black, ripped + skinny denim:

1) A high(er) rise is always most flattering. Mid-rise works great, but if you’re up to a style challenge, give the high-rise a shot. They give you curves where you had none and make your waist look tiny!

2) Look for a super-dark, saturated color wash. Fading over time is bound to happen, but if you make sure to follow the care instructions and wash your denim inside-out, that deep hue will definitely stick around.

3) If you’re going to go the distressed route, I prefer a cleaner look with simple slits/distressing at the knees. Nothing overly shredded, ripped to pieces or hanging by threads. Save that for your more casual boyfriend denim (and the under 25 set). Obviously, simple un-distressed black denim is a always good choice, too.





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