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The prospect of a full week of sunshine and warm temperatures ahead has me feeling practically giddy! It’s amazing what a little Vitamin D will do to a mood. In addition to the little weather inspired perk in my step, I’ve also been on a creative streak with new ideas that I’ve been trying to keep as organized as possible for future post use down the line.

Lately, it seems as though inspiration is everywhere.

Colors of the new floral buds, the blooming trees, bright blue skies… the soft leather vest I saw this past weekend while styling at THE A LIST POP UP. Unfortunately for me, the leather vest was not for sale, but the woman wearing it (who coincidentally can make anything look good) inspired me to do a bit of vest research myself. I think I need a leather vest. Yeah, yeah… want vs. need. I actually think I need this vest.

Here’s why:

1) It just looks cool.

2) It’s a great topper for those days when it’s too warm to wear a full sleeved jacket, but you need a little something.

3) It adds interest and dimension to any basic outfit. Remember we spoke about THE THIRD PIECE?





So, who’s with me?! Here’s another little vest sweetener… given the change of seasons, many really classic and great quality leather vests are currently on major sale! It’s seriously time to get after it.

Shop the look below:

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