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With the move to summer dresses and tanks I’ve had a recent influx of questions about what lies beneath those cutouts, straps and halters. The foundation of any outfit can be just as important, if not more important than what you’re wearing on top. Without the right undergarments, well, let’s just say even the prettiest of dresses won’t do you any favors.

I thought it might be useful to create a visual reference page that can be bookmarked and kept for those times when that asymmetrical side cut out has simply got you stumped.

1. The Cut-Out Dress

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In this case, I can’t recommend investing in a high-quality, molded cup, convertible, strapless-bra. With straps that can reconnect in multiple configurations– this WACOAL bra is my all-time favorite– this type of style dilemma is easily solved.


Cut-Out Dress–

Convertible Bra–

2. The Backless Top/Dress


Have you guys ever tried backless bras? I invested in a backless bra a few years ago and was pleasantly surprised by how supportive and comfortable it was! Today’s backless offering is molded and structured with special skin-safe/non-irritating adhesive tabs on either side which actually do a great job at holding the cups up securely.

For a SPORTIER SPIN on more casual backless looks, why not consider a bright MULTI-STRAP SPORTS BRA? The pop of color and visual interest that the straps add can be the icing on your style cake! Let’s not overlook the fact that ummm… hello!? Sports bras are possibly the most comfortable support option ever!


Backless Top/Dress–

Backless Bra–

3. The Plunging Neckline


Deep plunge bras may be the ideal option for styles like these. The wide-set cups lift and shape, while the convertible straps work magic with any tricky neckline. This type of style bra can also be found in a strapless version that criss-crosses around your waist for additional support and/or to accommodate a low/no back situation.


Plunge Neck Dress–

Deep U Plunge Bras–

4. The BodyCon

Glammed-up: Later in the day, Abbey changed into a skintight black midi-dress as she arrived for the baby shower at the 62 Hope Street Hotel restaurant in Liverpool

The good news here: well-constructed bodycon dresses are made using thick, supportive materials that serve as their own built in shapewear. However, we could all use some additional help in the lift, suck and boost department. Don’t be afraid to test out a full slip shaper which will ensure that your body looks its best under the clingiest of dresses.


BodyCon Dress–

Full-Slip Shaper–


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