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Friday Link Love, Vol. 95

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1. With a long and challenging week behind you, I’m sure you were dragging this morning getting ready for the day and wishing for the weekend to finally start.  However, from the looks of it I guarantee these 12 PETS HAD A HARDER MORNING THAN YOU! Caution: major chuckles ahead. (

2. Apparently, a pretty backdrop is really all you need to majorly up your INSTAGRAM game. Find out what’s behind this growing social media trend and get the scoop on the hype behind WALL-SCOUTING. (

3. File this under the category, “Just Because:KELLY RIPA HAS PINK HAIR and I like it. (

4. I love a good Asian noodle salad. THIS ONE is ridiculously easy and involves soba noodles as a healthier alternative to my usual wheat based additions. (

5. A well styled coffee table can instantly raise the style factor of any living room. Watch THIS STEP-BY-STEP VIDEO to find out how to easily nail this design element at home. (

6. As you know, I’m a self-admitted spin class junkie. Luckily, I live in a region of the country where group exercise is an affordable alternative to the standard gym membership. Unfortunately, there are some cities (cough… cough… NYC!!!) where EXERCISING CAN MAKE YOU GO BROKE! (

7. Summer is a great season to get playful with some of your accessories. Currently, I’m majorly crushing on anything involving fringe or tassels. THIS NECKLACE is no exception. What a fun pop of color! (

With the first week of summer vacation and day camp under our belts, I feel like we’re starting to get back into a nice groove which I totally appreciate! Sometimes, a schedule is a good thing. #TypeA Speaking of scheduling, our schedule this weekend is out of control: baseball, soccer, a birthday party, a family wedding… and that’s just Saturday! Bring on the sunshine and iced coffee.

I’m ready.


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