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Friday Link Love, Vol. 96

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1. All I have to say is, “What the whaaaaaat?!” THIS JOB can’t be real and if it is, why am I not already signed up? (

2. We all have words that are like nails on chalkboard when we hear them used. Apparently, THIS WORD (not to be spoken out loud) is the most despised of all and there is a scientific reason why. (

3. In the past, I’ve given you ideas to make packing for getaways a bit easier (HERE, HERE + HERE, for example), consisting of clothing and accessories. THIS LIST will ensure you haven’t forgotten any must have beauty items as you board the plane to paradise. (

4. Keeping your summer whites actually white is a struggle. From deodorant stains, to yellowing, to unfortunate run-ins with a pre-schooler with raspberry jelly covered fingers (who shall remain nameless), we’ve all had our share of whites that have prematurely bitten the dust. Hopefully, this ROUNDUP OF EASY TIPS AND HACKS to keep our white clothes looking fresh will save a few of our beloved pieces going forward. (

5. I lived in NY almost my entire life and didn’t know this house existed! Tour the OLDEST INHABITED HOME in NYC (and possibly the entire US!) and get inspired by it’s history and charm. I did. (

6. Vegetarians, beware. This recipe for GRILLED BABY BACK RIBS WITH ROOT BEER BBQ SAUCE might make a carnivorous convert out of you. (

7. My search for the perfect white blazer at the perfect price has ended… well, almost. THIS BLAZER from BANANA REPUBLIC‘s Monogram Collection is a dream come true: tailored, one-button and under $150 (currently on sale, 40% off!). Now, if I could only track one down in my size… If you’re above a size 6, rejoice and snap it up QUICKLY! (

This summer has pretty much been a wash out… at least 3 weeks in. The past week has been day-after-day of scattered thunderstorms alternating with oppressive humidity. My potted plants and flower beds have never looked better! I, on the other hand, could use some bright sunshine to perk up my look. In an effort to “get it together” I finally scheduled a haircut/color appointment for next week. Now, I’m completely torn between continuing to grow out last year’s “lob,” or going back to the short side. What do you think folks?! Any opinions? This girl could use some unbiased third party insight.

Think about it and get back to me. K? Thanks.


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