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Friday Link Love, Vol. 97

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1.  I will be the first to admit that I sometimes purchase wine based on the bottle labels alone. If I happened across THESE UNIQUE LABELS no doubt, I’d be buying the wine by the case. (

2. It’s amazing how much our iPhone apps can say about us! This QUICK QUIZ will predict your age with freakish accuracy based on your phone habits alone. (

3. Got a favorite shade of lipstick you can’t live without? Mine is NARS HEAT WAVE, in case you were interested. Apparently, popular lipstick colors are geographically influenced. FIND OUT WHAT THE GO-TO SHADE IS FOR YOUR REGION! (

4. Most women have a love/hate relationship with the Victoria’s Secret swimsuit catalog. Generally, more hate than love. Here’s WHAT HAPPENED WHEN REAL WOMEN TRIED TO RECREATE SIGNATURE POSES AND LOOKS FROM THE PAGES OF THE MAGAZINE IN REAL LIFE. Spoiler alert: you’re most definitely going to chuckle out loud. (

5. I get tons of questions about hanging art. Rather than listening to me drone on, let TV personality and interior designer, EMILY HENDERSON teach you HOW TO HANG ART CORRECTLY. (

6. I have a fridge full of zucchini and was totally stumped on what to do with it. That is, until I saw this recipe for HERBED SUMMER SQUASH PASTA BAKE. Done and done. (

7. Hello, NORDSTROM SUMMER CLEARANCE SALE! It’s the perfect time to scoop up some wardrobe staples like these JEANS, this SHIRTDRESS, or this PARTY DRESS (note: it runs big, so size down) in a fun summer print! (

Ok, Friday… we made it!

A little worse for wear, but still we’re here. I am proud to say I survived my daughter’s first full-on dance recital. There were costumes, there were tears, there were hours of entertaining 4-6 year old little sequined girls in a cramped backstage changing/staging area. This “dance mom” thing is no joke… #respect. Seeing my little one shake-it on stage with the biggest smile ever, made it all worthwhile. Good thing my daughter loves to dance and I have a whole 2 months to recover before the next season of dance begins.

Hope you guys have an awesome summer weekend ahead! See you back here bright and early on Monday.


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