I’m With The Band: Vintage Tees


As my style has evolved over the years and moved away from anything overly embellished or fussy, I’ve stayed true to my love of a good graphic t-shirt — remember THIS POST!?

With age and (hopefully some) maturity, the more cutesy slogans and sayings are just not sophisticated enough for my lifestyle. C’mon, no one needs to see me in a “I don’t sweat, I SPARKLE!” tee… or how sweet would I look in THIS graphic tee rolling up to preschool drop-off with my double child car seat situation?

You get the point.

Rather than abandon all hope of ever wearing a really cool, graphic t-shirt I took inventory of the ones I owned and loved the most and realized they had one common thread: they were vintage band t-shirts. A good band tee is never a bad idea, regardless of age, gender, lifestyle, etc. It’s the perfect way to give people a brief glimpse into the window of your soul… or at least your musical inclinations.

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See anything you like?

All of the shirts above are either vintage replicas or actual vintage shirts revived and reworked into more flattering and modern cuts. If you’re open to pursuing actual vintage goods and have a good eye for thrifting finds, definitely make your way over to your local Salvation Army or local thrift store and start digging! You never know what vintage t-shirt treasure you may unearth.

Rock on, sista’.


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