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1. 7 COFFEE MISTAKES YOU ARE MAKING when you are ordering your daily caffeine fix. (

2. Moving on from one vice to another, here’s the latest word on HOW MUCH WINE YOU SHOULD DRINK IF YOU WANT TO BE HEALTHY. (

3. Who knew bathrooms could be so glam? Take a look at these BLACK, WHITE + GOLD beauties. (

4. Did you ever wonder WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR LUGGAGE after you check it? (

5. Battle your toughest stains with these 7 NATURAL STAIN REMOVERS! (

6. I know coconut is a very divisive flavor — either you love it or hate it with a passion. For those who love them some coconut goodness, have you ever tried WHIPPED COCONUT CREAM!? (

7. I recently got lost deep in the world of ASOS. After 2 hours of intense browsing, I came back to the surface with these great finds: the daintiest GOLD NECKLACE, a wear-with-everything BLOUSE,  a soft suede MOTO JACKET in the prettiest shade of brown. (

I am happy to report that my family has successfully survived the first week of school! Some small scheduling kinks and details aside, it was a great first week back and my 2nd grader (WHAT?!) couldn’t be happier. One down, one pre-schooler to go…

This is all comes at the perfect time, too!

The last few weeks, Fall PERSONAL-STYLING and CLOSET STYLE-IN bookings have been trickling into my schedule and currently, August appointments are almost full and September is filling up fast! If you’re looking to get a new look for the new season, clear out some unnecessary clutter in your closet, streamline your wardrobe, or just need that perfect outfit for a special event, please take a few minutes to check out my SERVICES page and let’s CONNECT!



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